This is a message about how much you give back to yourself.  

And how much giving back to yourself and being versus doing can bring so much more success into your life and your business.

I’ve just had this little something come up in my life last week. I’ve had an old pattern revisit me. And this pattern is around overwhelm and stress. I’ve been having an amazing, amazing time of uplevelling in the last few months in my life and business. So much amazingness has happened, that it’s all been quite fast.

I’ve been clearing along the way and it’s been feeling great, however, last week I had an old pattern come up. One in which the sheer speed of flow and experiencing amazingness can feel too fast and a sense of overwhelm comes up.

It goes somewhere along the lines of “I have so much to do and so much amazingness is happening! But now I’m not having enough space to process it the way I would like to or just to give back to myself”, cause that’s the biggest thing.

I still kept doing my self clearing in the mornings and meditations, as well as little check ins - just maybe not as much as I wanted to, and so I felt myself drop right away with it - I felt stress coming up and tension in my body, as well as a sense of overwhelm and feeling a bit powerless.

And I knew that I needed and wanted to get straight back into the flow and into myself and connecting properly with my spirit. Because that is the place from where I have learned I feel the best; that is where I feel amazing, and that is where I feel that I shine and really share my gifts, and really help people the best.

So I cleared my schedule the following morning, so that I could just be a little bit more there for myself and give back. And that little bit of release, just that little bit of space instantly allowed me to fully step back to myself and claim that relationship with myself, which is kind of like a love relationship.  

We need to celebrate ourselves with whatever we desire, what we want, whatever we need, so that we feel loved on the inside. Because when a part of ourselves doesn’t feel loved, then you will feel rejected, unsupported, and hold blame towards the world. Or you feel overwhelmed and have similar patterns arising.

When you do give back to yourself, however, and you really tune into that being-state, that’s full of love and acceptance to whatever there is, you’ll find that you’ve got this. You will find everything starts flowing, you will start relaxing, you will start claiming whatever you want to claim and you can go for whatever you want to create, because it comes back to you. It comes in, it flows in, and you are able to receive.  

That’s why we then also went on a little family getaway over the weekend and stayed at a resort: to give back to ourselves. And it was so good!

As you’re reading this, maybe take this as a little inspiration to check in with yourself and clear up a tiny part of your schedule too. If you feel like a little bit of overwhelm creeping up or too much busy-ness, or things are not quite flowing the way you want them to flow, or you’re feeling a little bit not in the flow, a bit off -  just create a bit of space, connect back with your own spirit, your own higher self, meditate, if you feel like it, or go into nature.

The main thing is that you connect back with yourself.

And if there is stuff in the way that is blocking you from doing so, then clear it. We’ve all got life times worth of emotional baggage and conditioning. But you can choose to not let it weigh you down anymore.

You can download Dane Tomas’ free self clearing course here at .

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Of course you can also book in for some 1:1 work with me online or in person. My schedule is very full already for the next few weeks. So if you are thinking of booking in, do it straight away to secure your spot. You can do so here.

But bringing it back to what you can do RIGHT NOW:

Closing your eyes and giving that bit of attention, focus and loving intention back to yourself can make all the difference, as you remember to just BE.

Remember, Flow and Success only comes from this place.