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"Coming Into You" - A powerful Visualisation to Centre and Ground Yourself (Video)

Get out of a busy mind and into a calm and centred space with my powerful and popular "Coming Into You - The Water Tap Technique"

  • Instantly get out of a busy, stressed, frantic or anxious head

  • Easily come into your body - leaving you feel centred and calm

  • Apply it as part of a busy lifestyle (no need to wait until you 'find the time for it' (or not! ;) ) - it's fast, powerful and easy to integrate!

  • The perfect tool for the busy times in life - at work, between clients, in amidst crowds, kids, family life,.. you name it - whenever you actually need it. 

What some others have said

"Super powerful" - Rickie
"I love especially your Tap Technique, Sand! It's helped me to snap out of my crazy thoughts all week. I use it all the time and feel so much more calm and myself for it. So thank you so so much!!"  - Annabel 

4 Powerful Techniques To Get Out of a Busy Head and into Your Body (Handout)

If you've been 

  • non-stop running and worrying
  • suffering from anxiety
  • scattered, unfocused, overwhelmed
  • frowning 

This is for you! 

It's easy to forget the simple fact that once we are relaxed, centred and calm, we can cope much better with what life or work throws at us. We are much more able to be there for everyone else and can actually get all the stuff done, that we need to do.

In this 7-page PDF booklet, you will be guided through 4 quick and powerful Reflexology & Visualisation techniques, which are specifically for busy people in mind (you can apply them anywhere, anytime)

So you can..

  • get you out of your busy head 
  • leave worry, frowning and the anxiety of stress behind
  • enter a centred, calm and relaxed state, in order for you to find a state of trust, which will open you up for ideas, problem solving abilities, clear thinking and the ability to cope - no matter what's on your plate.


What some others have said

"Thank you so much for these words of wisdom, Sand. The Father Sky, Mother Earth visualisation helped me enormously to regain control of my racing, busy head and to move back down and ground into myself. So simple, but so powerful. " - Josie

"I especially loved the reflexology point for Solar Plexus. It helped me feel calm and relaxed within a few minutes. Looking forward to trying the other techniques and finding more calm." - Jacque

"I love the reflexology techniques...who knew they could be so calming?? Thanks for sharing! :)" - Greta

"Oh that foot point is awesome!!! I just did it on my boss and he was feeling so much better!!! These are really great useful tools! Thanks!!" - Kel

Are you Burning Out? (Checklist with Mini Guide of How to Nourish Yourself in Busy Times)


Stress is one thing. Extended prolonged periods of stress and pushing yourself too hard another. 

Are you watching out for the signs of burn out? 
Are you aware of the signs and signals your body is sending you, so you can kick back a gear or two and take the pressure off?

It is so important to catch exhaustion before it develops into a full blown adrenal burn out. Once it hits you, you're so fatigued and wiped out that you can't even get out of bed anymore.

Some of the first signs and signals are slightly disguised and we tend to ignore them, or mistake them for mood swings or hormonal issues. The other warning signals are easily brushed off under the excuse of 'it's busy having a young family', 'work's just busy', 'they need me, I have to do it' etc.

To make it easier to pin point when burn out is slowly creeping its way into your life, download my checklist with 15 questions below. It comes complete with a Mini Guide 'How to nourish yourself in busy times', so you know exactly what to do, if you are indeed burning out right now! 

What others have said

"Wowsers, I was blown away by how many questions I had to answer with a yes! I was totally not aware of the signs my body had been giving me over a long time! I'm so glad to have found this resource! It's given me a heads up, which initially was quite scary. But instead of leaving me hanging, I knew exactly what I could do to help myself by following Sand's complementary Mini Guide. Brilliant! Thank you" - Genevieve


This Download link is still under progress.. Thank you for your patience!! xxx

Daily Planner


Sometimes it is tricky to unite a purpose-driven, high mojo entrepreneurial change maker mind with a big vision, with a body that still has humanely needs of nourishment, balance and connection..

So I've created my Daily Planner to set yourself up for a flowing, self-caring, purpose-driven, goal-achieving day!

daily planner no website.png

Why download this Daily Planner?

You'll get:

  • daily inspiration to set yourself up for a flowing, self-caring, purpose-driven, goal-achieving day
  • space to list your big vision as well as smaller bite size goals
  • space to list all your appointments and to do lists for the day
  • reminders to nourish your body, mind and spirit whilst being goal-orientated (you can even tick them off one by one!)
  • space to list all incoming and outgoing money to train your money mindset muscle daily 
  • the opportunity to give gratitude (this will supercharge your manifesting powers, believe me!)

FB Group of High Vibe Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Visionaries and Change Makers

FB Group cover

Join  High Vibe Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Visionaries and Change Makers here: 

This is a group for both male and female High Vibe Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Visionaries, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Change Makers, designed for connecting, sharing support, guidance and knowledge, having fun and sharing experiences.

See you on the inside!

And if you're from the Sunshine Coast, feel free to join our Meetup too!

"High Vibe Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Visionaries & Change Makers of the Sunshine Coast" 

Simply follow this link here:

Human Hand Holding the World in Hands Human Hand Holding the World in Hands


"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world"
Desmond Tutu

We all have a unique cocktail of experiences, skills and gifts to share - don't hold back! The World needs you!