Things can happen (people get sick, accidents, etc), I totally understand.

However, I value my time and energy as I value yours. As I commit to be available, at the appointed time and date, I ask that you do the same.  If for any reason you must reschedule, please give me at least a 24 hour notice. 


  • Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice incur a cancellation fee of 30%, unless you can find a replacement for that slot, in which case no fee will be charged. 

  • In case of a 'no show', or cancelling with less than 5 hours notice, you will be billed the full session price.


You can make changes to your booking any time up to 48 hours beforehand. Simply text me, to ensure I receive it straight away. 


Please keep in mind Jonny and I have limited spaces available every week in our clinic, and your support helps us to offer what we do on a long term basis, plus support as many people as possible. 




For Reflexology Workshops, its imperative that numbers are even, so by you pulling out, this has a big effect on the whole class for the duration of the Workshop. Hence, I've started taking a non-refundable deposit of $100 to secure your spot within one of my popular Workshops.

If you change your mind, get sick, experience changes in your financial position or have any other commitments, you're agreeing to either forfeit your non-refundable deposit OR find another suitable person to take your place for the Workshop. 

I thank you for your understanding xx


Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers Program


You'll receive access to my intro lesson and Module 0 (a bonus lesson) of Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers upon signup. If you change your mind, you can cancel anytime before you receive access to Module 1 in week one of our eight week journey. 

Once we've commenced with week 1, your investment is non refundable.

The nature of my online group program is very transformative. We look at our shadow aspect as part of the whole and by working through our resistance as response to stepping out of our comfort zone (and therefore into growth), there no doubt will be inner challenges and old beliefs coming up that will try and hold you back in your comfort zone. For that reason, and with your growth in mind, I don't support just giving up. Therefore the investment for my program is non-refundable. 

In saying that, your interest is always in the forefront of my mind and if your needs change, I'm always open to having a chat and working through the challenges that might have arisen. I want you to be able to face your blockages, work through them and feel super confident and empowered as a result from it. This is Empowerment Mastery - stepping it up in a sustainable way - to share your unique gift with Planet Earth. I'm backing you all the way!