So we all know this feeling of jealousy.  

And often what I find is that we don’t actually allow ourselves to feel jealous.  So it could be something like “Jealousy? I don’t feel jealous, I don’t really ever get this feeling!!”.  And what I find is if we allow ourselves to accept that we feel jealous when this feeling is coming up, we allow ourselves to see much more than just the sense of what we know.  

When we are little and are told “don’t be jealous, that is not a good feeling to have”,  we try to push the feeling away.  We are told this is not a good sensation to have. So this is moving away from the concept that jealousy is a bad thing.

Jealousy can be a catalyst and motivation because it shows us to look into an area of our life or business or path that we are not happy about.

And so the way it works is that you may see someone who is doing something you really  appreciate. Or you may see someone you look up to and think “this is really awesome” and you might get a sense of frustration, or a sinking feeling.  You may think “I am not good enough” or “I am not there”. You might feel a bit apprehensive, or a little bit contracted in yourself. But if you allow yourself to see and acknowledge that you might be jealous underneath these feelings of frustration and sinking feelings, you might be able to see that this jealousy can be a pointer - a pointer in showing you that this person is living a path that you would actually love to live yourself.  

It  may be that someone has something that you’d really love to see yourself doing - but you are really not doing it, and so you therefore may be reacting like you are not good enough.  But really what it could be showing you is that this jealousy is a point of where you want to go next. It’s a pointer telling you, look, you are not having this yet, you are not being this yet, you are not being the person that you want to be, so go there and do this next, work on this next.  

I hope this makes sense, that the jealousy feeling or not feeling good enough can be a catalyst for growth.  It can be a compass for steps that you need to take next...

So how is this feeling coming up in your life?

Is it something that you acknowledge as something that is part of you and who you are, or do you feel like, nah jealousy is not there. And if it is there, do you feel like you could take this as an invitation for the day to actually allow yourself to see what these people are doing or having or being that you would like to do be or have as well?