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How to get through these times of rapid change and karmic clear ups


How to get through these times of rapid change and karmic clear ups

Have you been honouring the deep calm place in you, as we are going through this rapid time of massive clear out astrologically as of late?

The place where you KNOW who you are and what you’re here to do for. The one that remembers, is laser focused, determined, strong, CONNECTED and unstoppable?

The place that knows the truth: that you are 100% capable and deserving to live your dreams and that you can do anything, no matter what you put your heart and soul to?

It’s this place from which Magic comes and gets created:









Sometimes it’s enough to meditate and take time out to get to this point.

Other times that’s way not enough and we need to go deeper - uncover the layers and what’s been triggered up and thrown in our face, so we can return to this deep calm and fully ignited space of TRUTH.

We as humanity hold and carry a lot of shame that unknowingly keeps us trapped in the non deserving and fear circuit. This in turn keeps us in “I can’t”, “what if” and “who am I” thinking and frozen with procrastination and paralysed will.

You know, those times when you want to post or say something but then you fear others might get offended, feel hurt, pull back or don’t accept you anymore.

The place where you judge yourself.

Or you might not even care at all about the biggest chunk of the population with this, but when it comes to one particular person (ie mum, dad, partner, or past clients) it really throws you off centre.

Then you might find that you bite your tongue, start spinning with what you were going to say in the first place, or go blank, brain foggy or simply TIRED.

That’s all just subconscious sabotage that’s trying to keep you from speaking your truth and from shining!!


It’s old patterns that are in place to keep you invisible to the world in order to keep you safe!

In the past that might have worked, but now it’s time to shine!

It’s time to clear the charge around these old emotional patterns, so you can finally EXPRESS ALL OF YOU!!

Telling yourself to let them go won’t be enough.

That’s why all the talk around manifesting and changing your mindset only works to a certain extend - don’t get me wrong, our mind is POWERFUL. But our body (which represents our subconscious) is even more powerful!

Our mind and body need to believe the same thing in order for flow and magic to happen.

Only then can we manifest our dreams into 3D reality!

So when the beliefs between our mind and old stored information in our body are incongruent, stuff comes up and things stop flowing.

Don’t worry, we all have this playing out at different times. However, we need tools and deep healing in order to RECLAIM our power, so we can return to this deep, calm and powerful space of TRUTH and KNOWING - and then know how to hold this space.

Only when we reside in this deep place WITHIN, we can fully and unapologetically share our gifts with the world that only we have, and that the world would miss out on otherwise.

From this place we can create and live our dreams, ENJOY them and increase our income and positive impact with ease and flow.

The time is now!

We’ve got no more time to waste to procrastinate with fear and doubt,

Self loathing or not good enough stories.

We’ve got gifts that were given to us before we came back to earth this time round and it would be a waste and disservice to humanity to keep them hiding!


Are you ready to once and for all clear those patterns that have been keeping you stuck,

procrastinating or holding you back in any way shape or form?

You know if you’re truly ready, if you feel frustrated enough about where you’re still at right now.

If this post is triggering you, you know that there is stuff in the way that's holding you back from shining.

I'm here to help conscious leaders and empathic practitioners to remember who they are, so we can all step up together and help more people to free themselves of their limitations, emotional baggage and conditioning - for humanity.

Are you ready to live a deeply fulfilling life and relationships?

ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY so you can make the income and impact with your soul driven purpose work that you’re dreaming of - serving others and yourself deeply?

I’ve got 4 spots open for my 8-week deeply transformative The Ultimate Breakthrough Journey/The Spiral right now.


I’m about to run a super exciting group journey for Conscious Leaders and practitioners to journey through the Spiral as a collective (with 1:1 clearing sessions and group activations), so you can increase your influence, income and impact with ease and flow!

Comment below with KEEN

and let’s hop on a free Your Next Level Strategy Call now to assess where you’re at and whether you’re ready for this deeply paradigm shifting work that will DEFINITELY get you to your next level without sacrificing your health, loved ones or sanity, but with ease and flow.

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BEING vs. DOING - Our relationship with ourselves has a direct reflection on our flow & success


BEING vs. DOING - Our relationship with ourselves has a direct reflection on our flow & success

I’ve just had this little something come up in my life last week. I’ve had an old pattern revisit me. And this pattern is around overwhelm and stress. I’ve been having an amazing, amazing time of uplevelling in the last few months in my life and business. So much amazingness has happened, that it’s all been quite fast.

And I knew that I needed and wanted to get straight back into the flow and into myself and connecting properly with my spirit. Because that is the place from where I have learned I feel the best; that is where I feel amazing, and that is where I feel that I shine and really share my gifts, and really help people the best. So I …..


How to avoid the 6 main energy drainers of the silly season and stay calm & energised instead


How to avoid the 6 main energy drainers of the silly season and stay calm & energised instead

Christmas is fast approaching and, if you like it or not, signs are everywhere. How are you feeling about the upcoming time of festivities? Will you be catching up with family? Are you feeling pressured in any way? 

Are you finding yourself getting exhausted at this time of the year? 

What I notice lots with my clients during this time is that besides the usual life happenings that affect them, there is a big load of extra "to dos", expectations (may they be inner or outer), pressures and resulting exhaustion that shows up as general tiredness, swamped-ness, rings under the eyes, oversensitivity, increased back pain and a run down immune system.

Don't let this time of festivities and general busy-ness drain you this year, by avoiding the following 6 main reasons for exhaustion during the silly season!


3 Steps to Recover from Plantar Fasciitis


3 Steps to Recover from Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the painful inflammation of the band of ligaments that runs from the toes to the heel of the foot.

Once the swelling subsides and the initial, severe foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis is under control, you can begin some simple rehab techniques: massaging and stretching.

The 3 Easiest & Best Steps to recover from this painful condition with the greatest results are these:


10 top tips how to maintain the fine balance of BUSYness & WELLbeing


10 top tips how to maintain the fine balance of BUSYness & WELLbeing

We want to live a soul-driven and heart-centred life, inside and out. We wanna be there, fully present, fun and light for our kids. We want to be a great partner, with lots of inner space for the other one to feel received and understood. We want to be the full blown go getter achiever at work, in our business, in life. We've got tons of things on the go. 
Sometimes, our sense of wellbeing can suffer, as we keep on pushing .. All those expectations create a balance act between the worlds of being busy and of being well. Yes, we need to look after ourselves. We know that, but it's so easy to ignore those needs until they HAVE to be acknowledged. Sometimes this means we get stressed and overwhelmed, other times we even seem to need to get sick until we realise that we are mortal beings!!

So I would like to share 10 top tips how to maintain the fine balance of BUSYness & WELLbeing - so you can avoid overwhelm and sickness and instead contribute your unique Footprint on Planet Earth!





Do you feel like you’ve been non-stop running? Getting stuff ticked off the list, preparing, looking after others, packing away, making sure everyone is happy and content? Your head feels almost detached from your body as you keep on holding it high, worry, think, organize and frown..? ‘As long as everyone is being looked after.’..

I’d like to share 4 simple ways to centre & ground yourself with you today that can bring you instant relief from feeling frantic, stressed, all over the place and bring inner calm, centredness and relaxation– no matter in what situation you are in.