Christmas is fast approaching

and, if you like it or not, signs are everywhere. How are you feeling about the upcoming time of festivities? Will you be catching up with family? Are you feeling pressured in any way?

What I notice lots with my clients during this time is that besides the usual life happenings that affect them, there is a big load of extra "to dos", expectations (may they be inner or outer), pressures and resulting exhaustion that shows up as general tiredness, swamped-ness, rings under the eyes, oversensitivity, increased back pain and a run down immune system.

Are you finding yourself getting exhausted at this time of the year?

Don't let this time of festivities and general busy-ness drain you this year, by avoiding the following 6 main reasons for exhaustion during the silly season!

Instead, get inspired by the offered suggestions and reminders to stay calm & energised instead:

1) Take time out for yourself to listen within and let the natural process of unravelling happen
Have you been taking a moment to just be lately? To sit and let the logical mind go and just let yourself wander..? Maybe you feel like taking a stroll along the beach, hang out in a hammock overlooking the hills or take a path up a mountain. Wherever it may be that your day dream might want to take you to, allow yourself to follow. Surrender to your inner being's need to express itself in forms, colours and shapes that don't fit a straight up logical explanation. Breathe. Just be and let go. Don't judge or try and categorise your thoughts. (That's easy to do, especially when you're a therapist yourself) How does that feel?

2) Adjust your schedule and learn how to say no
If you are planning on lots of extra activities & parties throughout December, make sure you cross off other things of your list instead. If you're trying to keep up your usual schedule PLUS all the extra stuff, the level of pressure is going to rise in no time and exhaustion is the only thing you're going to be left with. 
If that's not what you want to feel like in the holidays, simply practise saying no. Long work hours, extra commitments and meeting people that you don't really need to meet right now, can surely wait. 
Learning to say no creates space for you to fit in all the Christmas preparations and related catch ups at work, with friends and extended networks (plus self care to stay sane!), leaving you with energy and inner space to be able to enjoy the festivities! 

3) Schedule time for yourself FIRST
During this busy time of the year, it's even more important than usually to self care. Don't put yourself last this time, but make sure you continue looking after yourself. So - instead of giving yourself the "leftover" gaps of time to chill, do nothing or process all that has been happening - make sure you schedule times in for yoga, journaling, meditation, treatments and walks on the beach. Your spirit and well-being will thank you for it by feeling calm, clear and collected! 

4) Stay in alignment with yourself
For many, this time of the year means pressure to be catching up with family that you don't see or hear from all year. It's the time when you're EXPECTED to get together and be merry - no matter if you can relate. So many of my clients tell me stories of this social pressure and i don't like the sound of it. (My husband's family lives in New Zealand and mine in Germany, so there are no pressures from anywhere - on the contrary, we'd be excited to be able to spend this time of year together) 
There are several ways to deal with this general aversion to disconnection, that so many of us feel: Either you just duck down and get on with it (generally this is what people do and this makes them feel extremely TIRED) OR you look for topics and interests that you share and you could talk about, to find a way to relate and connect. No matter what, my advise is to stay in alignment with your truth, so if you need to express something, use the way of non-blaming communication (you can read more to this here - this link will open up in a new window) and air your concerns, fears or thoughts. I promise, you'll feel lighter and more empowered than ever for expressing yourself! 
Alternatively, there is always the option of booking a trip overseas to escape of course ;)

5) Ease the pressure of buying big presents & budget your cash flow
Buying presents can create a lot of pressure, especially when the money isn't there. Why not try and make something? Think of something that's connecting with what the person really likes. There are great inspirations and DIY instructions on Pinterest and with a bit of time, you can create the most amazing thoughtful presents ever! 
If you're self-employed, the time just after Christmas can tend to dip a bit in income when everyone is on holidays. It helps to budget the year as if there were only 11 months instead of 12 to take the pressure away.

6) Charge up your adrenals
And last but certainly not least - make sure that you keep charging up your adrenals! You can easily do this with reflexology. You can find this reflex easily by following a line straight underneath the ball of your big toe which is the so called Tendon Line (the tendon that pops out when you point your big toe towards your chin). The reflex is located slightly off the tendon line towards the medial side (towards your big toe side of your foot), half way between the ball of your big toe and the highest point of your arch (see pic).

adrenal reflex

I do this in the evenings especially, to recharge and to let my body integrate during sleep which allows me to wake up more energised and relaxed.
Of course it will pay off even more to get an overall Reflexology treatment, to help the whole body to rebalance and recharge. You can check for availabilities here or learn how to do so yourself in one of my upcoming workshops and Certification Program.  

I hope you get some inspiration of this list. Comment below what you find most helpful or what other advice you'd like to add to it. Like always, I'd love to hear from you!