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The Footprint Connection Reflexology Chart w Watermark
Woman carrying a rock on mountain Woman carrying a rock on mountain
Sand doing Reflexology on someone's feet

May 21, 2018

Why are there so many Reflexology Charts out there?

For the past couple of years I've been following a Reflexologist on instagram, who publishes a different Reflexology Chart every single day of the year. How crazy is that??

Have you ever wondered why there are hundreds of Reflexology charts out there - with most of them seeming to show different reflexes for the same parts of the foot? 

In today's V-log, I'll be covering exactly why there are so many charts out there, what I think about it and my solution to this problem. 

May 14, 2018


Weight is a funny one. Usually people think straight away of body weight, weight loss or their dreams (and failed!) attempts of weight loss, which ultimately leads to a sinking feeling within themselves as they feel disheartened.

But what about weight in the sense of dead weight?

Weight in the sense of heavy thoughts, of too much stuff, of density, of baggage?? Have you ever thought about weight in the sense of a space holder?  Let me explain… 

May 10, 2018


Have you ever wondered whether a Reflexology treatment could be something for you? Have you asked yourself what Reflexology actually does and if it would feel good to you?

In today's Vlog, I'd like to share '6 Reasons why to choose Reflexology' (and The Footprint Connection Reflexology!) with you.

May 3, 2018

April 23, 2018

April 16, 2018

Why Reflexology doesn't work (according to some people)

On today's Vlog we are touching on a somewhat controversial topic. Reflexology doesn't work. That's what some people think.

And I don't even blame them! 'What...??' you might be asking.

Because there is a big reason for this confusion, that I see part of my mission to clear up! I'm so passionate about teaching Reflexology that's actually correct, that actually works and that's actually transformative, that I don't want to leave any confusions on the table!

So here it goes...

5 Steps to overcome overwhelm and be more productive instead

Stress and overwhelm kicks us into fight or flight response. This self-preservation method is made to make us run fast and protect us from immediate danger - unfortunately it gets overused in our society, leading to all sorts of troubles from gut issues, to adrenal exhaustion/burn out symptoms, .. and not to forget: a scattered brain that can't focus or remember things!!

If you have goals and/or dreams you aspire to, then you'll benefit from the following 5 steps to overcome overwhelm and be more productive instead…

What are Values and why are they important?

Do you struggle with sabotage patterns in your life or on your entrepreneurial journey? Do you experience friction in your relationship?

Find out more about values and watch my first Vlog here! Find out what values exactly are and why they are so important when it comes to feeling fulfilled and on track in life, relationships and business!

Sand looking down on foot

April 3, 2018

What are trapped emotions and how do they show up in your body and feet?

In order to lead a healthy full life, we need to move through all emotions fluently. However, in society we've learnt that some emotions are apparently not "as good" as other ones. Read on to find out what happens when emotions get suppressed or only partially processed and how this shows up in your feet!


March 27, 2018


My approach as a physical, emotional and energetic reader is a bit like the one of a personal translator.

I read the body and all its signs on as many levels as possible. Then I "translate" all physical, emotional and energetic signs I perceive into a language that can be understood in a more straight forward way of the person that is being "read".

An example is..

Pain In The Foot. Massage Of Female Feet

January 30, 2018

This is why I had to start listening to my Body

When I was 16 I got very sick. I was quite stressed out and overwhelmed at the time with one of my close friends wanting to commit suicide, me coaching her and my boyfriend and her not getting along. There was a lot of other stuff going on, but this situation just tipped it over. Read on, if you'd like to hear what happened next and how my body taught me that I had to listen to it.

Yoga Yoga
Woman with Laptop on the Beach Woman with Laptop on the Beach
water drop super splash

January 16, 2018

6 Steps To Confidence and Empowerment in Your Life and Business

I've caught up with a bunch of people yesterday and I noticed again just how many people feel intimidated day by day.
There is so much out there that gives us the feeling that we aren't good enough or that we need to know, need or be more. 
How to combat that? How do we find a way to just be us and shine our light? ...

January 4, 2018

4 Action Steps to Create a Clear Vision for 2018

The new year has started and we are already a week into it!
If you are one of the ones that had the intention to set goals, but ended up not getting there, or set goals and left it at that, this is for you!

If you know that miracles are possible, you just don't quite know how to get them to happen, then feel free to take a moment straight away today to work your way through the following 4 steps

December 19, 2017

4 Steps to resolve conflict and be heard

There are ways how to voice your most inner feelings to your loved ones (or colleagues or strangers for that matter) without getting emotional or reactive. 

There is a step by step process which you can follow to express yourself in an authentic and straight from the heart way - without getting caught in the emotional whirlwind that carries you away from your original message. And today I'd like you to benefit from this great tool for expression too...