Have you ever wondered whether a Reflexology treatment could be something for you? 

Have you asked yourself what Reflexology actually does and if it would feel good to you?

Are you maybe ticklish and you are worried that it might feel uncomfortable?

Or you just don’t know what the hype is all about and what touching the feet could possibly do for you?


In today's Vlog, I'd like to share '6 Reasons why to choose Reflexology' (and The Footprint Connection Reflexology!) with you.

Watch my video below and find out.. 

  • Why Reflexology is so amazing
  • What happens if you keep your feet in an entire state of health 
  • The 6 major benefits of Reflexology
  • The additional benefit you get when you choose The Footprint Connection Reflexology instead of just 'standard' Reflexology (if there is such a thing, as it is truly tricky to find good Reflexologists out there! - Another reason why I want to share my work with the World: So that people know, when they hear about a The Footprint Connection Reflexologist, that they'll get the real deal!)



Do you feel like Reflexology sounds like something you might like to give a go?

Why don’t you book in for a session with an experienced Reflexologist?

I’m a passionate Reflexology Specialist with 15 years of experience, FeetReader, Clearer/Coach/Mentor for change makers to free themselves of fears, sabotage and blockages, so they can unlock their full potential, contribute their unique footprint on planet earth and make the positive impact they came here to do for. 

I offer Reflexology sessions with a (major!) difference. Session are tailored to your needs to support not only your body, but also your whole being on your journey to (re)connect with yourself, your visions and passions to live the life you truly want. Get a greater understanding of, and find more clarity about yourself, your purpose and your body, your needs and how to meet them. With my clearing techniques, we can then free you from trapped emotions that might have shown up as hurdles, sabotage, doubts, fears and blockages in your life (or business journey) up to that point.

(For example, clients who have been terrified to go on video to share their message with the World, are freed of this fear within a session and start getting out there on FB Lives and video!!) Moreover, receive practical tools to implement into your daily life and business. Whilst enjoying all these benefits, supercharge your body with a very relaxing and health promoting Reflexology session, leaving you feeling relaxed, clear and empowered! 

For bookings, please contact me here. 

Alternatively, why not learn The Footprint Connection Reflexology yourself? 
That way, you’ll always be able to help your loved ones and treat your own body whenever you want to benefit from any of Reflexology's amazing health benefits.. And how empowering is that for a change?!

I run popular Reflexology weekend Workshops at the Sunshine Coast and overseas. For my upcoming dates, please visit here
And for those living far away / overseas, I’m currently creating my online course version of this Workshop, so you can learn this amazing tool for YOUR life and practice too – in easy bite size modules, from the convenience of your own home! 

And if you'd then like to take it further and become certified as a The Footprint Connection Reflexology Practitioner, you'll be able to apply for my 2019 intake for my Certification Program. 

Please express your interest here.


I can't wait to share my love and passion for Reflexology and the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit with you! :)