On today's Vlog we are touching on a somewhat controversial topic. Reflexology doesn't work. That's what some people think.

And I don't even blame them!
'What...?? Why...??' you might be asking. 

Because there is a big reason for this confusion, that I see part of my mission to clear up! 
I'm so passionate about teaching Reflexology that's actually correct, that actually works and that's actually transformative, that I don't want to leave any confusions on the table! 

So watch my video below and find out.. 

  • The number 1 reason why people think Reflexology doesn't work

  • The history of Reflexology and how it all developed to this day

  • How exactly the body is represented in a map in miniature in the feet (introducing my new TFC Reflexology Chart)

  • The reason why I developed The Footprint Connection Reflexology (my modality that blends Reflexology, Feet Reading, Clearing and Coaching/Mentoring) and what it can do for you




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