Weight is a funny one. Usually people think straight away of body weight, weight loss or their dreams (and failed!) attempts of weight loss, which ultimately leads to a sinking feeling within themselves as they feel disheartened.

But what about weight in the sense of dead weight? 

Weight in the sense of heavy thoughts, of too much stuff, of density, of baggage??

Have you ever thought about weight in the sense of a space holder?

Let me explain: 
Let's say you've got a vision, a dream. 
You're totally set on achieving it, so you try hard to move forward, take the right steps and do the right thing. 

But you hear and see crickets, nothing, or at least not enough.

Why is that?

Because you need to shift the old first. 

This can be in form of... 

  • decluttering your house, your space, your email inbox or your wallet
  • your old mindset and beliefs
  • body weight, if you don't feel good about it (Because body fat cells store toxins; old toxins which have previously entered our life as environmental toxins, negative thoughts, yucky emotions, etc. You get the picture)
  • etc

This extra weight you carry, in form of... 

  • dense or trapped emotions that can flare up as frustration, anger, sabotage, feeling sluggish or tired, to name a few
  • too much stuff in the house, that doesn't give you joy
  • broken things, that make you feel shabby or poor
  • clutter, that annoys you when you look at it, or that clouds your mind as you think of all the things you still need to do/ sort/ etc

...ultimately leaves you feeling low, right?

It creates a contracting feeling within, as you feel guilty, ashamed or negative about yourself for not having sorted it, done it, let go of it, etc yet.

This low feeling and contraction then creates an extreme contrast to the expansion, lightness and happiness your dream/vision makes you feel.

It's a vibrational mismatch.

You dream of the joy, lightness, happiness and/or flow you'll be feeling once you achieve your goal/dream/vision, and feel excited.

But then your mind starts kicking in and you go "But HOW can I make it happen??"
Then all the old stories, experiences and beliefs of how things are or have always been, flood your mind and you're left with a sense of heaviness, contraction, overwhelm or the like, that makes you feel deflated. 
one is the dream again. Or at least the belief that you can get there.

This is called cognitive dissonance.

("Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of discomfort, leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance, etc.", https://www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive-dissonance.html)

Have you ever experienced this? 
Do you know what I'm talking about here?

So what to do about it, you might ask.

To recap, 
UNLESS you've...

  • dealt with your stories and beliefs
  • cleared your stuff
  • and created SPACE for the new...

...Unless you step up and make space in your life/body/space/heart/mind - meaning..

  • you declutter the old that doesn't serve you any longer
  • free yourself of old trapped emotions, stories and beliefs 
  • and rewire your brain to positivity and expansion

...you won't be able to RECEIVE what you're putting out there for.

The old YOU can't attract what you want, 
(with the old thoughts, stories, beliefs, emotions and messiness cluttering your (inner and outer) space)
as otherwise you would have received it a long time ago already. 

I personally, have gone through a huge decluttering process in my own life over the past 8 months - and it's been creating magic!

First in our home and space by thoroughly decluttering and letting go of stuff we've been holding onto for years, that's ultimately made us feel heavy, limited and contracted. We only kept what made us feel joyful and light, resulting in so much joy and peace in the house!!

Then I topped off my owning-my-reality journey of many many years off with an 8-week process called The Spiral by Dane Tomas. I was guided through the 7 chakras (one a week) and cleared their linked emotions by the root. This has been the most thorough emotional and energetic upgrade/up-level I've ever done (and believe me, I've done lots!!), resulting in me seeing clearer than ever and wanting - and being able to - unapologetically share my message of inspiring and empowering practitioners and change makers globally! 
But more about all this another time. ;)

Simultaneously I've been pretty much brainwashing myself with abundance mindset trainings, meditations and teachings by John Assaraf. It's powerful stuff, check out his program!

My Spirit then gave me super clear directions to do decluttering on a physical level too. Not that I had been eating unwell - much on the contrary, I do believe I've been eating really well since I studied and graduated Naturopathy and Nutrition more than 10 years ago. However, the last few years have seen me less active than ever, sitting a lot giving sessions as well as behind the computer, and so I felt like hitting the rest button to radically clear inflammation and 'dead weight' just made sense!

Anything that's holding me back - I've been ready to let it go, as I've got a big vision!

So I've been on this guided food protocol journey over the past 1.5 months too, and, combined with everything else that I've been doing, especially Spiral and the self clearing tools it's given me, I've never felt more CLEAR, ON TRACK, LIGHT and ON FIRE than now!!

Things are happening, flowing and manifesting quicker than ever. 
I'm in control of my creations. 
I'm mastering any triggers and emotional dips within minutes (rather than weeks, months or however long!).
No more looping. Confusions. Swept away in overwhelm.

Of course, triggers are still happening. Life is still happening. 
But the way I'm able to respond, is faster, more empowered and peaceful than ever. 
And I'd love for you to be able to feel like this too.

Be filled with clarity, purpose, alignment and flow.

So what is it that you feel you need to let go of?

Comment below - I always love hearing from you! :)

And if you'd like some solid support with getting first clear on what it is exactly that you want, 
or that's holding you back from making it happen, I'm here to support you!

I love supporting empathetic practitioners and change makers to experience radical breakthroughs!

I've got a knack in seeing straight through the BS, connect you back with your intuition and inner power, and have the skills to free you of all the beliefs, emotions and blockages that are holding you back - fast, thorough and profound.

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(Note: Spiral™ is the clearing skill that I've been up-skilling with and in which I'll officially certify as a practitioner in July. It's become an integral part of The Footprint Connection Reflexology over the past few months and I'm also able to offer it separately, as in online clearing/coaching/mentoring sessions. I'm very excited to share it with you! 
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I can't wait to see you and support you on your journey of breakthroughs and letting go of dead weight! 
Why Wait?

Life is NOW. 


Your Path to Clarity, Purpose and Abundance is written in your Feet

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