For the past couple of years I've been following a Reflexologist on instagram, who publishes a different Reflexology Chart every single day of the year. How crazy is that??


Have you ever wondered why there are hundreds of Reflexology charts out there - with most of them seeming to show different reflexes for the same parts of the foot? 

In today's V-log, I'll be covering exactly why there are so many charts out there, and what I think about it. ;)


Watch my video below and learn...


  • about the history of Reflexology
  • how Reflexology developed into the styles that we know today
  • the 1 key problem that caused lots of different Reflexology charts to spread (and cause confusion!)
  • what to look out there for when looking at a Reflexology Chart
  • The Footprint Connection Reflexology and how it came to me creating my own Reflexology Chart

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