You know those times when you find yourself sneaking in too much chocolate, scrolling facebook aimlessly or doing other things that sabotage your progress and wellbeing, or sense of achievement? Exactly, it brings up a pointless, deeply unfulfilling, empty feeling, doesn't it. It's because these distraction patterns, or sabotage patterns, are trying to fill an empty void. 

But where is this void coming from..?

Another way we often get confronted with this feeling, is our relationships. Whether we clash or connect with someone, look up to them (or down) heavily depends on one thing:


And this leads me to today's topic, which I'll be introducing as a Vlog today! (First time - so comment below whether you like this format or not! I'd love to hear from you).


Getting in touch with our values and aligning our life accordingly is the first step towards living a meaningful life and relationships. Brene Brown explains a value as "a way of being or believing that you hold most important.”. Knowing our values helps us to feel grounded and strong, particularly in challenging times.

If you'd like to find out more what values exactly are and why they are so important, when it comes to feeling fulfilled and on track in life, relationships and business, then watch my latest video on Values now! 

And if, after watching, you'd like to learn more about values, then check out John Demartini's book 'The Values Factor'. You can also take the free online test to determine your values here: