When I was 16 I got very sick.

I couldn't go to school for many weeks and nothing that the medical system did for me seemed to help.

On the contrary, the more I listened to their advice and ignored my inner feeling going "no way, don't do that", the worse I got.

I was quite stressed out and overwhelmed at the time with one of my close friends wanting to commit suicide, me coaching her and my boyfriend and her not getting along. There was a lot of other stuff going on, but this situation just tipped it over.

My mum and I were quite at a loss after visiting three to four different specialists a week who were all just shaking their heads going "you are one of the worst cases I've seen." Great. What did that mean?! I felt stuck, at a loss, disempowered and oh so helpless! 

Finally a friend of mine recommended to me to see a Naturopath who did black field microscopy somewhere in the hills of southern Germany. These days, this technique is often referred to as Hemaview (life blood analysis). For the first time ever I could see what was really going on inside of my body. I was being listened to and actually treated, like I mattered. Everything I started to change in my diet, administered, thought and took action on, got immediately reflected in the look of my blood. Amazing! Finally I had help that made total sense to me in a very visual way and after month of feeling horrible and sick, I got better.

What a relief!!! 

I felt like all doors were opening up to me again and hope and inspiration was flooding back into my life! As a generally very optimistic and lively person, that was all I needed to bounce back in a big way! 

A lot of my being so run down, that made me prone to catching all the infections that I had, was due to stress, as mentioned above. And not listening to my inner voice. Ignoring that niggling warning inside. Those little signs we tend to brush aside.

Anyway, here I was learning the biggest lesson in my life yet: 

Don't ignore the signs -
Listen to your body and your intuition, 

otherwise you get sick!

Well, this is exactly how it was and was going to be, unless I changed something. As every time when I started ignoring my body's needs and my inner voice again, I got sick instantly. As you can imagine, that taught me my lesson very quickly! 

Fast forward to today, 15 years later.

I've studied Naturopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Bodywork, Energy healing and reading feet & bodies and lots more. I'm a mum of two little boys and love my work which is my passion & my life. I wholeheartedlyy believe in what I've been breathing, living, teaching: listen to your body and intuition and don't ignore the signs! Your body is your friend that you need to treat just like you want to be treated. If you look after it, it will be good to you too.

Of course we all get challenged. I'm not an exemption. With our busy lives, it's just too easy to forget the importance of silencing our minds, busy lives and just listen. But remember, the answer is always there.  

If you find it too tricky to quieten your mind or wanna learn new tools to connect within and get to know your inner landscape, please get in touch or book in for a session.
Believe me, it's worth it!  :)

I'm looking forward to walking this path with you!

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