My approach as a physical, emotional and energetic reader is a bit like the one of a personal translator.

I read the body and all its signs on as many levels as possible. Then I "translate" all physical, emotional and energetic signs I perceive into a language that can be understood in a more straight forward way of the person that is being "read".

A simple example is diarrhoea and constipation: 

A well functioning gut means the person is able to digest all food well (this includes thoughts and emotions too!). If there is a situation/food/thought process/emotion that can't be handled well or digested, the body generally has two coping mechanisms: either it goes into freeze "I can't figure out what to do with it - I stop working" and therefore the person ends up with constipation; or it goes into "flight mode - drop everything and run" and therefore the person ends up not taking anything out of it and ends up with diarrhoea. 

I used to often get spurts of constipation when I felt overwhelmed. Too much to process. 

Way too much to think and feel. Alternatively, it could also be a specific thing in my life that I didn't know what to think about. Therefore, my gut froze and stopped separating the "good stuff" (nutrients get absorbed in the small intestine) from the "bad stuff" (waste gets eliminated via the large intestine afterwards), resulting in constipation. 
When I noticed what was happening, I took my diary to write down all that was happening and processed the "food" that I was giving my body in that way. And sure enough, a few moments after putting my pen down, I would have a bowel movement! This and many more ... Showed me just how connected our body mind and spirits really are!
These days, I love looking at people's bodies, their current or long term conditions and their body shapes & and then I "translate" the signs into a language that everyone can understand - that's the underlying emotional and energetic patterns that have manifested into physical forms. To follow this up with some real down to earth advice about how to get from understanding these signs to actually shifting stuck areas in their lives and seeing people feel empowered and thrive, makes my heart sing! For this and many more reasons I do what I do - I love it with a passion! :)

Please share your stories and experiences in the comments! I'd love to hear from you and I know other change makers would love this inspiration too!

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