The new year has started and we are already half a week into it!
If you are one of the ones that had the intention to set goals, but ended up not getting there, or set goals and left it at that, this is for you!
It's for you if you want your goals of losing weight, becoming a better you, having a more connected relationship, living a more fulfilling life etc to come true this time and not just remain wishes in the aether.

If you don't make a plan of how you can best achieve your goals, and follow it straight up with action, your goals most often don't end up happening because you got distracted with the small stuff and details of life that busily kept on happening.

So they accumulate pressure within you as the year progresses, as you can't really see them come true till the end of the year. You keep hoping for a miracle - which most often doesn't happen when we don't consistently show the universe our commitment by taking small but precise steps into the directions of our goal(s).
So you end up disappointed and frustrated at yourself at the end of the year, when you realise that you've achieved way less than you thought you would.
You feel deflated and ultimately robbed of self-confidence, telling yourself that it's no point setting goals at all.

If you however know that miracles are possible, you just don't quite know how to get them to happen, then feel free to take a moment straight away today to work your way through the following 4 steps:

Step 1) Set yourself 1-2 major overarching goals.
These are the big why behind all your striving. Is it joy in life? Inner peace? Health?
Why do you want your desires & biggest wishes to come true?
These 1-2 goals are the reason why you want to lose weight, do more sport, look after yourself more. They are the meaning behind every little step you take. They are the ones that we forget when we get bogged down in the pressure of having to do something to get to our goals.
Have you ever intended to eat less, so you would lose weight, because you wanted to feel more healthy and joyful in life? And have you then ever gotten so stressed out about having to miss out on all those yummy treats you love, just because you wanted to lose weight? You might have told yourself "what's the point if it makes me sad?!" and threw all your good intentions out the window.
That's because the pressure of having to stick to a certain path got so big, that you forgot about your initial commitment of your overarching why.
So be really clear and understand the main reason why you want things to happen and remind yourself of it, whenever you lose track!

Step 2) Get clear on your 3 main 'Be, Do & Have' goals for the next 3 month.

In step 1 you got clear on your overarching goals.  Now pick yourself a goal for what you want to be, one for what you want to do and one for what you want to have in 2016. State them in present tense. For example, "I AM fit and healthy", "I DO daily exercise" and "I HAVE regular me-time". All of this will help to make it happen more.

Step 3) Now write down 3-5 action steps you can take to get closer to each of these goals and start acting on them straight away!
What does it take for you to achieve those goals?
As much as I'm a firm believer of the Law of Attraction, I know just as much that nothing happens, unless you get into action as well!
The following saying summarises this so beautifully:
"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"

Step 4) Schedule the action steps of Step 3 into your calendar

Now please go ahead and add these action steps straight into your calendar, so you know what you need to do when the details of life might have been swallowing you up during the year!
Focus on the next 3 months first. Our brains only digest the year in 90 day chunks, so there is no point in pushing out the dead lines. Pick the goals or stepping stones to get to it, that are achievable within the next three months. Properly focus on the main one and you'll be flying!
Remember to recommit to your overarching goals every time you notice yourself drifting away from taking action towards where you want to get!

No matter how amazing the goals and how strategic the action plan, keep in mind that your 'dragons' (how inspiring business coach Natalie MacNeil likes calling them) will haunt you!
We all have that little voice of self sabotage talking in our heads that wants to keep us stuck and limited to the familiar - learn how to understand and deal with it by joining my FREE Stop Holding Yourself Back Challenge here.
And if you're interested in getting crystal clear on what your dragons exactly look like and how you can defeat them, you might be interested in working with me as your intuitive transformational business mentor and holistic empowerment coach! Feel free to get in touch here

I'm wishing you lots of enthusiasm and fun with following the steps from up above in creating your very own personalised and amazing vision creation plan for this year.

Share in the comments below: Which part of the process was easiest and funnest? Which one was the opposite and felt quite hard and potentially draining? I can't wait to hear all about it!