A client once asked me a very good question.

"Why do we need to ground and connect with the earth, when we want to connect with Spirit (which is supposedly up above)?"

I thought it would be worthwhile sharing my reply, as this is what comes up a lot for people. You might not be aware of this, but most people are either way too much in their head or even off with the fairies (or 'worry-train' respectively).

Find out why it is so important for us human beings to connect to the ground and with the earth.

Learn about the danger that you unknowingly expose yourself to when you are too much in your head and not in your body. And find out the single one reason how you could make a huge difference in the world!

First of all, it helps to have a basic understanding of your chakras

(the energy centres of your body). For those who know about this one already, just skip this paragraph.

Let's start with the root chakra in our groin which is red and represents our basic trust in life and the way we see ourselves in the world. The second one is our sex chakra (in level with our gonads). It's orange and it's associated with our sexuality, relationships, home and finances. The third one is called power chakra or solar plexus, referring to its location at the bottom apex of our rib cage. It's yellow and stands for our inner power, self-worth and the way we feel others see us. The next one is our green heart chakra which stands for all things emotional and from the heart. Following we find the turquoise throat chakra which stands for expression and voicing one's own needs. The second last one is our dark blue head chakra. It's located where our third eye is, between the eyebrows. It's where we get our visions, ideas and creative flow from. The last one, at the crown of our heads, is the purple crown chakra, connecting us with spirituality and source.

When we look at our chakras, we can see that we get all our visions coming into the head chakra, whereas our basic trust in life and foundation is in the root chakra.

Now imagine someone who is already a lot in their head (like so many of us when we busily go about our days and to do lists!). They might have an inspired moment of lots of ideas and visions coming in. Remember, this happens in the head chakra too. All of this brings a heap of energy into the 'head zone', leaving their body kind of empty. It's all happening 'up there' and nothing 'down here'.

When there is too much going on in our head, we over-expose ourselves to too many thoughts and ideas, that then turn into worries and fears. Simple brain overload.

That means, you're too much in your head and not in your body.

You need grounding. (If you're new to this and don't know how to best ground and centre yourself whilst going about a busy day, then download my free audio visualisation here)

Then there is those that dream and vision a lot, but don't put the effort into grounding and embodying it (or simply don't know that this is what's required). They might come across as a bit too 'airy fairy'.

In both cases, they are very much in their head or even above, but their physical body gets left behind, which can be dangerous.

I strongly believe that we are meant to bring our spirit to earth, not to hover in or above our heads. As that's leaving our body empty.

I always like to compare us people to an empty glass. If I fill it with water or any other beverage of my choice, I fill it with whatever I intend to put in it. However, if I don't and leave it empty, it will get filled with whatever else is in the room. If this is small or nicely scented air, that's left to coincidence. It's the same for us people. We need to intentionally fill ourselves with ourselves; our higher self, our spirit. If we don't do that, we leave it up to chance if the person we just walked past latches on to us, if the depression of our partner affects us more than necessary or if something else drains us.

The aim is to embody our spirit.

Being really connected to spirit, whilst being totally connected to the ground and our physical body. You have chosen to come to planet earth to have this experience of being here. So it's about bringing spirit on to planet earth.

That way we can be the powerful beings we are meant to be and we can also bring change to the structures at work.

And that's why we are here: to make a change and improvement in some sort of way. Small or large it doesn't matter - we are all meant to contribute our unique gift, so we can contribute to change at large.

Imagine a dark night and bringing a torch light. Now you can see. The more lights there are, the brighter it is and the more you (and everyone else around you) can see. Now imagine, if you took that light away, and then more and more lights. It would instantly be swallowed up by darkness again. You and all the People around you wouldn't see as much anymore.

It's like that with our spirit connection and embodied spirit connection.

When you are embodied, you bring light to planet earth by being a hundred percent you and by sharing your unique offering.

You wouldn't feel doubt or lack of clarity, or at least, you wouldn't focus on them and let them drain you even more. You'd know why you are here and get on with your mission.

When we are not here, not embodied, not grounded, we allow all those dark things that are happening around the globe to take over.

All those events that we hear and read about that we find so horrible that we'd love the world to change. Those things can only happen as long as most of us are living a disconnected and not embodied life. Living in fear and scarcity means that you allow darkness and disconnection to rule.

So if you are craving to make a change, then do yourself and the world a favour and connect within and ground yourself.

Again, if you are wondering how, simply download my powerful visualisation technique on Video here.

In the comments below, tell me, have you ever noticed the difference in being fully spirit embodied? Has it changed your outlook on life versus when you're in your head?

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