Reflexology isn't just a foot massage.

Yes, those ones feel amazing and relaxing too, that's true. However, did you know that Reflexology is actually way more?

It's based on the theory that the whole body is represented in a map in miniature in the feet, hands and ears.

All body parts and organs of the right half of the body are represented in your right foot and those of your left half of your body are represented in your left foot. By stimulating these reflexes, a message gets sent to the brain that then releases the tension in that particular body part and promotes homeostasis (balance within the body and all its functions).

Sometimes there will be lots of tender areas coming up. Generally speaking however, Reflexology is super pleasant and induces a great sense of relaxation and overall wellbeing

There are tons of reasons why Reflexology is good for you. It's not just amazing as relaxing way of reducing stress, it also promotes circulation and lymph drainage. Reflexology is also detoxifying and helps the body rid itself of waste products. It's hormone regulating, adrenal and kidney charging, pain reducing, digestive system promoting, .. You name it! And it also increases inner harmony and wellbeing.

Most people love having their feet touched, though there are some who hate the thought of that. 

Why is that?

Is it really just because they might be ticklish?!
I believe there is more to it! A subconscious worry to be seen perhaps? A dislike of connection to self? 

Often people think "Oh, my feet are so far away from my body, what can they possibly give away about me?"

Which makes me giggle when I think of it. Little do they know that your feet represent you in your entirety - not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
Our Feet tell the story of where we come from and where we are going. 

That's why I created my own modality called The Footprint Connection. Your Path is written in your Feet. They reflect the trauma and blockages that are holding you back, just as much as the unique gifts that only you have and you are meant to share with the world. 
I can hone into your purpose by looking at your toes and shape of feet and tell you about how best to share your message with the world. 

Working on your feet promotes a big sense of connection to yourself. You can get in touch with your needs and help yourself, which feels empowering - that is, if you or the therapist know what the sore spots mean and how to understand the messages that your body is sending you. In my weekend workshops, I teach a deep and thorough introduction to Reflexology and how you can heal your Body, Mind and Spirit with it. So you'll never have to feel helpless and stressed anymore, when you're experiencing aches and pains. You'll be able to step in and help yourself instead, which feels very empowering!
And considering the fact that there are more than 7200 nerve endings located in the feet, it's not a surprise that it feels so amazing having your feet worked on!

Do you like having your feet touched?