I had a vision during my meditation once. It was a powerful moment, with me walking up a steep staircase. I was being supported and filled with excitement, yet felt it was a big responsibility what I was about to see.

Once on the top, two folding doors opened up and bright light streamed in like clouds (similar to the fog they sometimes spray into a dance club). I hesitated for a moment, as it reminded me of stepping beyond - the light at the end of the tunnel that people describe when death is near.
Then I braved it, braced it, faced it.

What I was was about to see blew my mind and warmed my heart..

The clouds opened up and revealed Planet Earth as it hovered in the white infinite space of the white light. But it didn't look like Planet Earth usually looks like - no, instead, it seemed to glow!

When I zoomed into this glowing vision of our planet, I saw masses of people. Happy. Cheering. Holding hands high above their heads. My heart was singing, as I watched these masses of empowered people all helping together, helping each other to create a better world. 

What was different? 

Everyone seemed to be living their purpose. Without any self doubt and with great clarity, they all contributed their unique gift to make the world a better place. Some helped their neighbours with love and care, others invented systems to clean the air, water or earth. Some healed, coached or simply helped an elderly person along. 
They all seemed to experience a big sense of inner certainty, clarity, direction and fulfilment. They all knew what to do and what their mission was. They all experienced a great level of joy within everything they were doing. 
They felt seen, appreciated and respected.
They were all happy to make a difference.

Wow, what a vision!!
It certainly left me with a great sense of excitement and knowing, that if we all worked towards more harmony within, we could all contribute our unique gift to create more harmony on Planet Earth. 

Why aren't we doing this already?
Because there is pain and suffering, which in turn causes pain and suffering, as it gets passed down from generation to generation. As people experience trauma, they store it and express it again in directly linked or totally unrelated areas. So for example, as a little boy grows up with punishment and the feeling of not being loved, he might go and punish and hurt his own kids one day too. Another example is the hate that people have been holding against a different tribe or nation that can go on forever, as stories, pain bodies and prejudice gets kept alive.

All these negative emotions cause inner pain, self doubt, confusion, .. in short: everything else but inner harmony! 

So what can we do from here?

The first step is to become aware of the blockages we hold within our body, our mind and that our spirit (also known as Higher Self) experiences, when trying to connect with us. Any blockages within our thinking, will cause tension in the related part of our body. Any body ailment in turn has either an emotional or energetic root cause. 
For example, when we worry and stress, we get to experience a sensation of a 'knot in our stomach'. This connection also happens with much more advanced or chronic conditions, ie cancer or liver cirrhosis. 

All is one and the 'Body, Mind & Spirit' term wasn't created for nothing. Unfortunately it's been used way too loosely over the past few decades, and people don't realise the real and strong connection of these words anymore. 

Once we have pin pointed where exactly our blockages are sitting and what unique holistic picture they paint of ourselves, we can start working on shifting them. 
By transforming these inner blocks, we can get unstuck and connect all the lose ends/symptoms/feelings we get to experience. 

This way we create a strong inner connection and alignment. We become whole. As a result from that, we experience great clarity, purposeful direction, inner peace and harmony. 
We live fully embodied here on the planet and are able to contribute our unique gift of abilities and experiences to the World. 

We experience inner harmony for world harmony.

And what has this vision got to do with me and what I do? I'm on a mission to helping and empowering all change makers out there to clear their blockages and free themselves, so they can step up and contribute their unique gift and footprint on Planet Earth. 

The more of us who contribute, the more likely change is happening.