Have you ever wondered why certain people always seem to get it all and some are continuously slipping from one bad experience to the next? Is it luck or bad fortune? Maybe a little. Certainly it's got to do a lot with your mindset, as like attracts like. When we think negatively, we keep on attracting the negative.
However, there is way more to it than that. 

It's not that I'm saying we consciously create our reality. No, we don't usually decide in the morning: "oh yes, today I want to have a car crash/break up/ xyz experience". No, most definitely not. 

We create our reality on either a conscious, but most often a very subconscious level. 

Let me explain. It's actually quite simple..

At an early stage in life we form beliefs that then influence us for our whole lifetime. 
If for example our own birth experience was rough to start with and we weren't put into our mums arms straight away (skin on skin), but instead were taken away to get measured and washed etc, we might have instantly locked in a belief around the world being a cold and nasty place. We might have thought "I don't like it here. I don't want to be here." 

Our brain always looks for evidence for existing beliefs. (Note: Never do we automatically look for evidence to proof our beliefs wrong!!) 
Therefore, we most likely would have experienced a heap of hardship in our life to proof our initial belief right!
Once another bad thing happens, our subconscious would then just respond in a way along the lines of "See? I told you so! The world is a cold and nasty place!"

That's how easy it is for a negative pattern in our life to start - based on what we subconsciously believe. The important thing here is to know that these subconscious beliefs can be shifted and a positive one can be 'locked in' instead. So don't freak out now thinking of all those negative beliefs you might be carrying (and believe me, we all have them. And they hold us back from living our full potential!). 
There are many ways to shift them - with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Holographic Kinetics which my husband practises for example, just to name a couple.

So, what do we take from this knowledge? 
Awareness. Awareness, that we have power versus that we are totally exposed to random happenings. We aren't helpless. Vulnerable yes, but not powerless. I'm all about empowering people with the knowledge and skills how to shift stuff. When we know how to use this power of creation, we can rewire our belief systems and mindset to one that attracts and creates positive stuff and change into our life. This can then have a beneficial ripple effect onto the whole world. 

So pay attention to what you are experiencing in your life. Look for recurring patterns, as they can give you clues about whether you have locked in some healthy positive beliefs or negative ones that are setting you up for hardship and failure.