Sometimes we find ourselves stuck. We feel agro, overwhelmed, burdened, not right. Angry and frustrated, we helplessly watch ourselves burdened with something we deem we can't escape from. Tiny things can then trigger us into massive reactions. 
This could be due to feeling stuck in a job you don't like, in a role you don't like or relationship struggles between people. 
For example, as mum you might be feeling that everyone around you depends on you and that if you'd be sick or weren't strong for everybody, everything would collapse around you. 
The same goes for those main income earners in a family out there, be it male or female ones alike: You might feel buried with financial pressure. 
The feeling that you'll never be able to follow your passions anymore and 'have fun' (aka pursue your own needs and dreams) may cause you massive inner pressure and conflict. It's like you 'always have to' push your own needs aside to look after the family financially. 
Of course this feeling can also come up, when we have patterns running within our family or relationships that cause drama, anger and tears for everyone involved. Feeling not heard or acknowledged for ones inner feelings can cause just as much anguish and sense of powerlessness for some, as the pattern of flaring up in anger does for others. 
There are millions of ways to feel powerless and stuck in life, no doubt!
However, it's important to remember that we are powerful beings! In order for things to change and get any better, we need to take our power back and step up.
We are not a victim of life. On the contrary, we actively or passively create our own experiences, no matter if we like or hate them. Coming to terms with this concept can be quite huge: 
We create our reality.
If you're curious how we do that, then read more here
So, how can we shift from a state of powerlessness and feeling stuck to one of self empowerment instead? 
In today's post I'd like to talk you through a list of 5 steps you can take on a conscious level to rid yourself of the icky and yucky feeling of being stuck and helpless and create one of freedom, possibilities and self empowerment instead:

1) First of all, Listen within and acknowledge what's coming up for you
Are you paying attention to those little inklings and comments in your head? Do you keep having this vision of a little holiday or a massage or time out coming up, but you keep pushing it away, as 'there is just no money/time/space for that right now'? 
Do you dream of having 'some fun' in your life, but you told yourself that during these years as a family with little ones, there is 'just no chance for something like that'? 
Pay close attention to what it is that a part in you might be craving and take note. It's usually not the actual wish or craving we have got, but the message that we tell ourselves in response to it, that leaves us with a feeling of powerlessness and feeling stuck.
2) Remember that whatever we experience is our own creation
Some part in us, even if it's totally buried deep down in our subconsciousness (and especially then!), is looking for evidence for some form of belief. Knowing that, can create a mindset of awareness. Paying attention to what we are experiencing in our life and looking for recurring patterns, can give us clues about whether we have locked in some healthy positive beliefs or negative ones that are setting us up for hardship and failure. This isn't a random thing, and there are no real victims here (looking from an energetic perspective), but more to that in this blog post here, as it would make the content of this one explode! ;) )
3) Express yourself
If you've got a family or are in a relationship, go and make sure your partner knows what you are secretly craving for. Communicate your needs, even though you might think that there is no way around the blocks. 
Sometimes it takes someone with different thoughts and ideas, to help us get out of a stuck situation. Then a life coach can be super helpful.
Other times, the biggest block holding us back is our subconsciousness. Remember those negative beliefs we talked about? 
Sometimes it just takes another person to hear what's coming up for you, to tell you how easy and fine it actually is to have what you want and for you to then get it. 
4) Think laterally - Nothing that we do is an absolute must
There are always different options, we just need to come up with them and think of them! Usually this doesn't happen, if we allow ourselves to get too stuck in our own head. When we try to figure out everything in life via our head, versus our heart and intuition, our solutions will be limited to what we can think of, rather than the actual possibilities out there. And really, there are endless possibilities out there! 
Therefore meditation, exercise and any other methods that help you get out of your head and into your body, are a key to creating a creative mindset. 

Quietening the mind first and letting the answer emerge by itself is a much more relaxed approach than forcing the solution to come from within your own head (which told you to not even acknowledge the fact that you wanted the solution in the first place).
5) Last but not least, structure your day in a different way
Very often time and money are key areas in which we tend to feel stuck and powerless. 
If your feeling of limitation comes from a lack of time, it all comes down to productivity. Have you heard of the 80-20 rule? 80% of things get achieved in 20% of time. That leaves the question: What do we actually end up doing with the remainder? Right! Procrastinate, hang on Facebook, flick between tasks, ... Really, we kind of waste time. 
Of course it's all different if someone is sick or you're simply alone with it all in your family set up. However, even then, there are various ways of reacting: you can bury your head in the sand and freak out, or you look for help and different ways to deal with the situation. 
What can make a world of a difference to feeling stuck in a rut with time is the following:

  • Being super diligent in tracking what you spend your time on
  • getting clear on what you'd like to achieve instead and what steps you need to take to get there
  • delegating tasks
  • choosing proper time slots for important activities that you'd like to spend your time on, but end up sacrificing a lot in order to get your urgent to do list done
  • sticking to the plan you're now creating instead

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