Has it entered your life... again? This numbing feeling of contraction in the stomach. This tightness, tension, pulling in your core?

You feel like you won't ever reach your dreams. They are too big and who are you to believe you could reach them?

You might feel you're not qualified enough. Not good enough. Not authority enough. You might not feel it's perfect enough. Not yet. So you hold back. You doubt, you worry, you think. And worse: You stop.

Self doubt freezes you in your tracks. It cripples. And it eats you. 

Did you know that some psychologists say that more than 90% of self-talk is negative? And large amounts of this time is spend with self doubt? Some people even spend very prolonged times of their lives with this limiting and destructive feeling. 

When trying something different, have you ever thought of how much time you spend doubting your abilities? Did you realise that self doubt is the biggest time waster???

Why is it, that so many of us experience this limiting feeling? 

Did you know that our thinking is governed by what 50 generations who came before us where thinking? 
Given this fact alone, no wonder that we limit ourselves!!
This brings us back into the 5th and 6th century and if you've ever looked into history, this will explain it all. Just imagine for a second how many wars, persecutions and turmoils have controlled our existence since then! 
And now apply what people were told then to those very thoughts that keep popping up in your own mind whenever self doubt shows up in your life. You might even be restricting yourself from moving ahead of changing your life for the better in this very moment - just because of self doubt. 

Self doubt is one of the 7 forms of resistance (To discuss them all would explode the capacity of a blog post here, but if you're interested in more, I'll be diving deep into this topic in my upcoming online program Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers  - you can read all about this here).
It is a form of resistance to shining your light and being bigger than you thought. 

Who hasn't heard someone in their life before who said "so you think you're special, do you?" or "why do you think you're different than everybody else?"

In the moment when self doubt strikes, we tend to spontaneously mix our inner knowing with controlling thought patterns: 
The feeling of the deep solid inner knowing that we've got a message to share with the world
Versus the thought of it just being our ego telling us that we are better than everybody else. This in turn then leads to us going into the opposite response and we end up comparing ourselves to others and don't feel as perfect/good/far enough/fast enough etc
This is a big mix up, which is unfortunately all too common!!

Let me elaborate: 
I believe we are a spirit having a physical experience on planet earth. We are here for a reason. Some of us have a big and some a small message to share - no matter what it is that you came here to share for, it's important. And yes, everybody is special, but nobody in their core is better or worse than anybody else. 
Our ego steps in when we think we are better than the rest and lifts us above others. Following your purpose is not at all governed by ego. It's a deep calling. A feeling that doesn't leave you until you listen. 

Following your purpose is a journey which requires deep soul searching, listening and expanding. 

When our spirit expands beyond what's known to us, our resistance patterns kick in. Resistance is a form of keeping us in check so to speak, as it vehemently wants to "protect" us from exploring what else is out there. Our comfort zone feels safe (no matter if it's totally detrimental to our health and wellbeing or not, it simply feels safe as it's known and familiar). It pulls us back and keeps us small. 

So how could self doubt be a catalyst for growth???!!!!

Usually, every dip gets followed by a break through of some sort. So if we work through the stuff that comes up for us, whenever it comes up, we are acknowledging the fact that the challenges we are facing are actually offering us the opportunity to grow. And growing and expanding is what our spirit is really here for. 

"Resistance is an opportunity to grow in disguise" make sure you tweet this! :)

Resistance makes us look at stuff.
I myself had lots of self doubt in the past - weird as I've always been a very self-confident person! - But working on your purpose brings out the biggest resistance patterns possible. 
We are programmed to stay small!!! 

So if you keep looking at yourself, pay attention to your patterns of resistance and work on your inner connection & alignment, you're on the sure path to breaking through your limitations and to being empowered.  

You might feel like there is lots coming up, or that you simply want to do this process with guidance and accountability. 

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