You know those times when you're feeling heavy, tired. Exhausted. 
Things aren't the way you want them to be. A voice in you is screaming - or used to, as now it's much quieter. You know deep down that you don't want to continue this way.. But you're so stuck and somehow scared to look at it, you rather ignore it. Or you might not even know that the possibility exists, that life could be any different. Until it gets so bad that you can't handle it any longer.
You feel powerless. Helpless.

Then you might get sick or you hurt yourself 'by accident', and you must look at it. (Obviously it's much harder to ignore a broken bone than it is to ignore feeling unfulfilled, stuck or out of alignment with something) 
I personally see dis-ease, health conditions or accidents as a way for our higher self to communicate certain messages to us

When we can't hear or ignore those messages of our higher self (aka coming through as intuition or that little voice or knowing deep inside) for a period of time, the voice becomes quieter and the messages become denser and more physical. If the denial (or lack of ability to listen) progresses for too long, these messages will turn into a physical expression, ie sickness or getting hurt. The body part that's affected will then give us clues as to what the message was supposed to be in the first place.
Unfortunately, not many people understand this language of our higher self coming through into the physical.
However, it can totally pay off getting help with having your feet or body read in that way, so you can understand and subsequently shift what's necessary to feel better again. 
Even conditions that seemed really severe and debilitating can be shifted and transformed, when you understand the underlying message and root cause and can respond accordingly.  
So, knowing that it's not going to get any better if we ignore those inner messages, voices and urges, I urge you to stop. And listen within.
Listen to those little messages and voices you hear. Are you feeling the urge to take a break, but you keep on pushing through, because you think you have to continue? Because you think you just can't stop right now? Because things are expected of you? 
Stop. And listen. The more we listen, the clearer the messages. 
Would you like some help with understanding all those little inklings, signs and symptoms you're getting? Would you like to find clarity within the chaos? 
Book in for a Premium Reflexology & Feet Reading Session or Footprint Analysis Session for the extra care and guidance factor. 
If you're living further away, I also offer Holistic Empowerment Coaching Sessions via Skype.

So you can find clarity, calm, inner connection, transformation and direction again.  
I firmly believe that if we all listened within (with or without help) and followed our intuition and purpose (and therefore lived an aligned life, expressing our full potential!) we could make the world a better place! 
..Did this article resonate with you? Watch out for my follow up blog in a fortnight called "Are you living in denial?"