You feel swamped. You've just been to the shopping centre and now you feel wiped out. You recall seeing countless faces - sad, happy, stressed, chatting - your mind is spinning!
You feel like lying down and having a sleep. But first you need to get a bit (or more!) chocolate from the cupboard. It will lift the haze. It will give you energy again and make you feel better ..Surely!?
If you've ever felt this way, you know how debilitating it can feel for an empathetic, susceptible person being around crowds, especially if there is no connection between people (ie in shopping centres, tubes, trains etc).  You understand why you feel like going for anything like coffee, alcohol or chocolate to distract you from this horrible feeling of inner swampedness and tiredness.
Some people don't understand. Your family members might say "just don't be so sensitive" or "just don't take it on what others say" - but that doesn't help. They don't get it. It's not that easy.
You feel swamped. Controlled by the energies hanging around people, and you don't even know why. You feel wiped out...

That's why you love your solitude, even if you're generally outgoing and social. You love going into nature. 
It calms down the storm - or shall I say move the 'slow thick soup' that your brain feels like in this moment?
Taking on other people's stuff is a serious issue that most people are not even aware of
I used to suffer from this too. Growing up in a small village in south Germany, it knocked me out every time I spent a day in Munich. My whole system wasn't used to it. I looked at faces. I felt their stories, they pains, their emotions. 
My boyfriend later always kept questioning me, how I could possibly know what these people went through. I couldn't tell him. I simply knew.
I kept growing and digging. I looked for the deeper reason behind it all. Why did it affect me so much being around many people although I was such a social butterfly at the same time? 
I loved being around people, but at the same time needed to spend just as much time by myself again. To process. To cleanse.
Over the years, I learned so much more about energies and how they work. When my husband and I met in 2008, I got to know a whole other level of knocked-out-ness in a person being affected by others. Wow!! 
So over the years, we came to realise that it is super imperative to know how to hold your space. And this is about knowing how to reclaim yourself just as much as it is to then stay in this inner strong place. I call this Spirit Embodiment. Stopping to hovering over our own heads, but actually integrating our own spirit into our physical body. Being 100% present.


If you'd like to learn a very powerful and fast way to do this, you can download my Water Tap visualisation technique for free here.

Following are 7 good Reasons why Spirit Embodiment & holding your space could be a life changer for you too: 
1) Clarity & Calm
If you generally feel wiped out after a few hours at the shopping centre, you'll be amazed how calm and clear you will feel when you claim and hold your space. 
2) Energy & Vitality
Instead of getting drained like a battery, you can continuously keep recharging yourself within. This will result in a massive increase in energy levels - which won't be used up once the day is over!
3) Grounded & Centred
Continuously checking in with yourself and holding your space allows you not to only protect yourself, but to also feel yourself wholeheartedly. You will feel grounded, centred and connected within. 
4) Inner Peace
This inner connection and feeling of alignment allows a feeling of inner peace wash over you. Fear and worry leaves your mind and instead of hardening towards people you don't like, you feel compassionate and understanding. 
5) Knowing yourself
By continuously checking within, you gain more and more understanding of yourself and your own needs. This attention and awareness that you are gifting yourself, will lead to a sound connection with your intuition too - your inner wisdom & truth. 
6) Responsibility
With continuous inner checks and holding this space, you know what's yours and what's others. This allows you to take ownership of your own feelings and in turn leads to you taking responsibility for your own life

7) Protecting others
By you holding your own space, you hold space for others too. By you being honest to yourself and your own needs, you know where you start and where others end. That in turn allows others to claim their space too and not take on your stuff either. 
Are you convinced? 
What's your main struggle that you are currently experiencing as a susceptible giving being? Do you think that holding your space more effectively could assist you with this?   
Comment in the section below and let me know! I'm super curious to hear from you! 

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