Stuck. Overwhelmed. Exhausted.
You're doing your own head in again. Wondering why you are here and what on Earth you need to do to get yourself out of this deep dull feeling of feeling unfulfilled. Or you know why you're here and are annoyed at yourself why you can't seem to move forward. It's like you're stuck in your tracks.

Being on a mission, clear on your purpose and direction seems to be a far away dream right now. You know you're here for a reason, you just don't know what it is that you're meant to be doing. Or you know roughly what it is, you just don't know how to get the ball rolling to living it and get rid of the road blocks that keep popping up.

Have you ever wondered what got you to experience this level of feeling unfulfilled and/or stuck in the first place? 
As part of my work, I like to dig deep and check for the underlying (root) causes of things first, before I'm looking at shifting them. I firmly believe that when we get a message and learn a lesson, it's way easier to let go of all the unnecessary byproducts as a result from it. (Like our digestive system, but that's another blog post worth ;) )

Let's take a look at some of the Reasons why we feel stuck.

Reason 1) Loss of inner connection
When we feel connected inside, we trust in spirit, in our intuition and ultimately in our own abilities. We know what to do by simply listening. However, when we aren't connected within, we get doubt and fear creeping in - simply from not having all our body parts and areas communicate with our higher self. 
Some form of meditation or any of my four techniques to get you out of your busy head and into your body would do wonders here. You can download them here for free.  

Reason 2) Focusing on external more than internal
Have you ever noticed, that, when you hone into your mind chatter, you might be listening way too much on what others do, say or have? Are you distracting yourself by paying overly too much attention on other people's voices in your head, rather than your own inner knowing? It could be your mum saying "Why do you think you can do that?", or your dad "You can't do that!", or your brother "You can't always have what you want" or any other person that might have or had a big influence on you and your life. 
So when you hear a million different bits of advice floating around in your mind, driving you crazy and into indecision, simply sit back for a moment and ask yourself: Who is saying this? Is this my opinion or someone else's? 

Reason 3) Limiting Beliefs
This whirl wind of thoughts might also come from one or more of your limiting beliefs (we all have them, don't worry!). Social conditioning and our experiences shape our way of thinking. Early trauma can cause a lot of deep rooted self beliefs that might hold you back way more than you think. Read more about how we get limiting beliefs in the first place and how we actually do everything in our might to make them unshakable here.
Becoming aware of these self limiting patterns and then clearing them, is by far the fastest and most thorough way to unblock yourself and get moving again! 
If you're interested in one of the most profound ways of clearing, check out my husbands website here: .

Reason 4) Being uncertain of your purpose
Have you been wondering why you are here and what your mission on this planet is? Have you been trialling and testing many waters but keep feeling unfulfilled? It's time to dive a little deeper into the searching what your spirit came here to do for. It's time to step it up, as times are speeding up. 
We all have our unique gift, our own cocktail of experiences that only we can offer in this perfect mix. With the recent start of the Chinese New Year, we're in the perfect year of transformation and empowerment for living exactly what it is that we came here for. 
If you'd like to find out more about your unique gifts and ways to express these, book in for a Footprint Analysis Session. I'll be able to read your feet, as they represent you in your entirety: not just your physical ailments, but also your personality, your thoughts, feelings, gifts and where you're coming from as well as where you're going is written in your feet. 
You can read more about it here.

Reason 5) Having no strategy
Another big cause for feeling stuck is when all the puzzle pieces don't match up. You might be thinking over the same stuff over and over again. You might be experiencing the same loops of stories, but you're not getting anywhere. Yes, definitely your limiting beliefs are something to check and clear. However, you might also be lacking a simple, practical strategy to get you from A to B: living your purpose, getting out of overwhelm into trust, flow and ease and holding your space with it all. And I can tell you that this strategy most likely will look way less overwhelming than the one your head might be trying to convince you of right now! ;) 
In my Transformational packs, we don't just clear all the stuff that's holding you back, find clarity and inner connection. We also work out a plan, a strategy to follow - no matter how deeply you want to dive into your purpose or hearts desire! 
You can read all about my Transformational Packs and group program 'Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers' here. I'm so passionate about helping people from experiencing overwhelm and being stuck to living clarity, empowerment and flow! 

Reason 6) Self doubt
There are 7 forms of resistance and Self doubt is one of them. It creeps in unnoticed. It limits us. It holds us back from shining our light. And it's generally by far the biggest time waster for people. Doubting your abilities. Thinking you're not good enough. Believing you might not be able to do it. Who doesn't know this crippling feeling of limitation?? 
Good ways to shift it are by looking at what you've achieved so far or by reading testimonials that others have written for you. Keep reminding yourself of your own expertise. Sit with yourself and list all the things you are proud of that you have, are and have done. Fill yourself with the knowing how amazing and capable you are and remind yourself, that self doubt is simply one of the 7 ways that limitations and resistance show their ugly face. 
I'll be diving a little deeper into this topic in a fortnight's blog, so stay posted! 

All in all, it's so easy to get stuck and lose that level of inner connection. We all have stuff coming up. It's a matter of paying attention, familiarising yourself with your own patterns of resistance and blocks, so you can work on them. And sometimes it's necessary to get that professional outsider perspective of a coach or mentor to guide you along. 
I myself was struggling for years to expand out of certain parts of my comfort zone and constantly faced the same types of challenges that kept jumping up at me. It was frustrating working so hard on myself and yet still struggle along in certain areas of my life! 
I'm super glad to say I finally followed my inner guidance of getting a high level mentor this year and I can say I'll never look back!

This is where I come in..
I've been seeing these patterns in myself and my clients for years. Empathic practitioners, carers and change makers who want to make a difference, but get stuck on the how. Who get drained and exhausted, as they keep giving but don't get a return. Who feel sensitive and get swamped in crowds or with certain people around them. They might not even be in the right job or profession yet which would honour their purpose and gifts that they could contribute to the world - they lack clarity, inner connection and empowerment. They've got patterns that keep them stuck and no strategy to follow to make their hearts vision come to life.

That's why I created Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers.
An 8 week transformational group program that focuses on exactly how to manoeuvre out of overwhelm, stress and exhaustion to clarity, connection and empowerment. It covers everything you need from creating a healthy work life balance, holding your space/energy as empathic being, to getting clear on your purpose, vision and direction. We form a strategy for you. And the best: I'm there guiding you along. Reconnecting you with you. 

If you're interested, check out the details here,
email me at or call me on 0400716680 . I'm happy to answer all your questions and I'm looking forward to guiding you along your own path to the empowered practitioner!