Do you live in denial?

Are you making excuses for putting up with stuff, that you KNOW makes you feel like crap? Have you been telling yourself "yes I know it needs to change, but I'll just put up with it all a bit longer. It's not THAT bad." Yet.
"I'll wait and see. It might all change by itself and get better soon."
But for some reason it isn't. Well, not by itself anyway.

Nothing changes, unless you do. That's a saying, as far as I remember, and I totally agree. I also love this one for exactly the same reason:
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got"
I'm sure you've heard it before. And it's so so true.
How can you expect for things to change, if you rigidly and tensely hold onto stuff for dear life? Stuff, that doesn't actually serve you, even worse: that harms you. That limits you. That affects your wellbeing.

But we do it anyway. Why? 

Because we are scared. Scared to change, scared for change to happen that might make things worse than they are. (Even worse??! How could that be possible?! Ahh, I know you said things aren't actually THAT bad, I know.. ;) )

Take stock. Of your feelings, your thoughts, those little inklings deep inside.
Are you happy? Do you feel like you're living your full potential? Or are you merely living a shadow of the person you know you can be, used to be or want to be?

Are you tired? Drained? Did you know that denial - which isn't necessarily conscious at all - causes inner friction which results in tiredness and exhaustion?
Sometimes a part in us, that's not at all aware of it, doesn't want to see the obvious.
It can express itself in physical ways with body tension, signs and symptoms showing up in a specific area of our body and of course in our headspace. (More to that in my last Blog Post 'Are you listening to your Body?' LINK, in case you missed it or want to freshen up your memory).

Take a look. Assess. Once you're honest with yourself, start the ball rolling by making the decision that you want more than this. That you're over ignoring stuff. That you'll end this road of denial and blending facts out - do so here and now.

Once you made the decision that you want more, because you know that there is way more to life than living in a soup of denial and unhappiness, you made the first step. (Which is the hugest one of all by the way!!)

Then look within. If you know what to do, start following this intuition now. Don't hold back anymore.

If you don't know what to do, how to listen and not get run over by a million voices that seem to freeze you even more.. - don't worry! Get yourself a mentor.

In my Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers Program and Clarity Magnification Session Packages I assist those of you who are keen to bust through the layers and shift stuff in body, mind and spirit, which will enable you to live an aligned life (and business!). It assists those of you who are over feeling stuck, limited, stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. It's for those of you who are ready to step it up, look at their stuff and transform their life into self-empowered thriving - strong, calm, clear & wide awake with tons of energy to spare. No more pouring from an empty cup!!

And the best thing: You can do these from anywhere in the world via online zoom calls!

Many little lights when shining together create a massive one!

Claim your space in the world and leave none for the forces you don't like to see. Make a difference by embodying your spirit and being the unique you that you are meant to be! 

I'm very excited and can't wait to get see you!!