You know those times when you've got stuff to do, but you feel a bit messy inside?

I like referring to this state as feeling 'swamped'. 

It's internal pressure of wanting to perform better, achieve more, but at the same time just feeling soooo much. Not knowing if it's your own stuff, the people you work with or even the whole World's.

There might be feelings coming up in which you don't feel proud of yourself for not taking the steps you so know you should and need to be taking to get to where you want to be. 

You might not feel like you're good enough at what you do, or in your relationships (because you feel you could do so much better). 

What would it give you to learn how to hold your space in all of this, so you could keep moving - without the overwhelm, pressure and general tiredness of having to push through these feelings?


Instead of getting drained like a battery, you'd feel ...

  • energised and vital
  • grounded and centred
  • a sense of inner peace and power within
  • empowered with a deeper understanding of yourself
  • responsible for your own feelings
  • more connected with yourself and in your relationships

By you holding your own space, you hold space for others too. By you being honest to yourself and your own needs, you know where your space starts and ends, and where others' begins. That in turn allows others to claim their space too and not take on your stuff either - leading to all around better relationships. 

So what needs to happen in order for you to be able to hold your Space?

Connection within. 

And here’s how to get there:


Step 1: Declutter and detox your everyday life, body and mind, starting with a Brain dump (find out exactly how to do this here), to your house and thoughts (only keep what gives you joy!), as well as your body (doing a fast and/or getting some Reflexology can do wonders here) - don't worry, even just taking action with one of these suggestions will make a massive difference!


Step 2: Calm and nourish your Nervous System and adrenals. 

No matter if we are running around like crazy as part of a busy lifestyle, or don't appear that busy on the OUTSIDE, but put a lot of pressure on ourselves on the INSIDE - our adrenals suffer with all this extra load of stress.

So take a break, even just apply some quick and easy Acupressure, Reflexology or Breathing techniques to charge them up again. They'll thank you for it.

Step 3: Listen within and try to understand the messages that your Body is sending you. 

Listen within. Is your body sending you messages? Is your lower back tight because your foundation is a bit shaky? Your lower thoracic, because your body is super exhausted? Or is a shoulder pulling for other stressors in your life?
Is your digestive system playing up, because you just can't seem to process the sheer load of information coming not your field? Every body part shares its own message.
By simply listening, we can unravel and find tons of clarity.

Step 4: Create Space for yourself - even when (and especially when!) there seems to be no time for it. 
Especially when you feel swamped and too busy for it, you need to even more so create the space to breathe, unravel and take the pressure off. When there is no time for it, it's even more so a sign of it being highly important to make space for a yoga class, treatment or freeing up an hour or so to meditate/journal or the like. Your new found recharged body and clarity of mind will thank you for it with tons more productivity afterwards!


Step 5: Reconnect with your female flow
Over centuries women have been more and more disconnected from their inner strength and power by not passing on the knowledge of what their monthly hormonal fluctuations mean for their mental and emotional well-being. When looking at the effects these hormonal changes have on the female body, there is no wonder that our ability to deal with certain tasks and thought processes fluctuates just as much all throughout the month! In Module 2 of The Empowered Empath (components of my Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers program), we dive deep into the mysteries that our body reveals so beautifully and that generally in society get missed and rejected as nuisance. Reconnecting with ones own unique hormonal flow, allows us to reconnect with our own phases in which we can and should push (in life generally, just as much as in your business!) and in which we better kick back, take the pressure off and focus on self love. So if you're feeling overwhelmed and under pressure, ask yourself: "Where am I at in my cycle?"


Step 6: Get to know your limiting beliefs and shift them

The whirl wind of thoughts might also come from one or more of your limiting beliefs (we all have them, don't worry!). Social conditioning and our experiences shape our way of thinking. Early trauma can cause a lot of deep rooted self beliefs that might hold you back way more than you think. Read more about how we get limiting beliefs in the first place and how we actually do everything in our might to make them unshakable here.
Becoming aware of these self limiting patterns and then clearing them, is by far the fastest and most thorough way to unblock yourself and get moving again! 
If you're interested in one of the most profound ways of clearing, check out my husbands work here: .

Step 7: Communicate & solve inner conflicts
Are any of the thoughts on your mind or worries and fears in regards to loved ones or relationships you have? Give yourself a nudge and allow yourself to solve any conflicts that are bothering you!
Go ahead and communicate your feelings, wishes and needs in a non violent manner that doesn't involve blame and shame, but authentic sharing that includes showing your vulnerability and ownership of your emotions. You can't change another person, but you can work on yourself and the way you allow others to understand you. 


In the Comments below, let me know how you're going with these steps. Which ones do you find easy and which ones create a sense of overwhelm? 


In my self-paced eCourse The Empowered Empath which comes with lots of guidance and support in a private Facebook group, we dive deeply into each and every one of these topics. If you feel drawn to join us, I'd love to support you to become an empowered empath too, so you can truly hold your space! xx