Bookings, appointments, to do lists, pressure. Who doesn't have any or all of these in their life? Our lives are complex. Our lives can be overwhelming. I can't count the amounts of clients anymore that I've been seeing over the past few months alone who have been feeling swamped. Overloaded. Under pressure.

Don't get me wrong; I so totally get it!
I've been waking up with a full head too. It's a crazy time and my lists take on the length of small intestines (everyone knows just how long these ones are, right?!). If I'm not careful, my thoughts swamp my being!
I need to consciously hold out my hand and say stop! 

And because I know how these easy but powerful tips to simplicity could benefit you too, I'd like to share them with you today..

1) Take a moment to ground & centre
When we wake up, it's easy to hop straight into Facebook land, emails, to do lists, technology. Take a moment to come back into yourself first though, before you start connecting with the whole world. Don't forget that you have just spent hours processing and traveling through dream land and you need to arrive home first to connect and arrive.
Call yourself in and feel your whole body. Be present. What would you like to achieve today? Make sure you get clear first and send some loving thoughts your own way before getting into it all.

2) Go barefoot 10min a day
This one is getting trickier and trickier this time of the year, as the nights are getting freezing cold. However, it is super important to connect minimum 10min a day with the ground. Skin on grass or dirt with no shoe layer in between. This is vital to ensure earthing occurs and our body is able to 'earth' all the electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to every single day (and night).
Make it a little ritual to go outside, take a deep breath of fresh morning air and soak up the early sun rays. They will help you wake up, give you a good dose of Vit D and fill your heart with happiness (also known as endorphins). 
If you're particularly brave, take your UGG boots or thick socks off and feel the cold grass between your toes (if you do happen to have some in front of your door step).

3) Empty your head
If you feel like your whole being is swamped with thoughts, pressure, to do lists and worries, no matter what you seem to be doing, do a brain dump. 
(I've adopted this name from a friend of mine, Avalon Darnesh, who offers a course called the Wild Mama Journey). It's a practise I've done for many years and have always found super useful. 
You take a piece of paper, write your name and date in the top, and simply 'dump' everything onto the paper that you can think of. Absolutely everything. The stuff you need to do, the people you've got on your mind who you need to call, the emails you need to send, the big dreams that are making your heart yearn and scream for freedom, the travel plans, the things you're saving for, ... You name it! Whatever comes to mind, whatever thought you got buried in the far back of your mind. Write it all down.
Once you can't think of anything else, you can put the paper down. Add more things over the course of the day, if more thoughts are coming up. It can be growing and changing, as time progresses. 
Alternatively, do a 'Worry Dump'! I've done this yesterday and was able to see all the worries I've had for others totally clearly in front of me and it enabled me to reconnect with myself strongly, despite the current lack of time to meditate.
After you 'dumped', feel into yourself. Do you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders? A sense of calm and lightness wash over you? Do you all of a sudden feel like you can watch your emotions like a passing car without getting caught up in them anymore? 
This and way more is how you can feel after doing this simple task!
So go and do this one straight away - believe me, it's awesome :)

4) Communicate & solve inner conflicts
Where any of the thoughts on your mind or worries and fears in regards to loved ones or relationships you have? Give yourself a nudge and allow yourself to solve any conflicts that are bothering you!
Go ahead and communicate your feelings, wishes and needs in a non violent manner that doesn't involve blame and shame, but authentic sharing that includes showing your vulnerability and ownership of your emotions. You can't change another person, but you can work on yourself and the way you allow others to understand you. 

5) Feel & show Gratitude
Last but not least (indeed I'd do this straight after waking up too), pay attention to your thoughts. Are you negative? Worried? What's controlling your thought patterns?
Acknowledge them, but then ask yourself: 
What am I grateful for? 
Make a list of them and think of everything that you love and feel blessed for in your life.
Showing gratitude shifts mountains and is one of the first and most important steps to manifesting your dreams!

I'd love to hear which of these tips you enjoy the most. Have you been doing any of them already?  Was anything new to you? Please comment below. 
If you'd like assistance with any of these steps, feel free to contact me. I facilitate deep transformation within my 1:1 sessions and I'm passionate about empowering busy mums, practitioners and change makers to reconnect within and step into their full potential. Alternatively, claim a bit of me-time back and top up your cup with a 1 hour 'Reflexology Adrenal-Recharge Session' that will bring you straight back to you and lets you forget about the busy World out there.