You've got big plans, you've got lots on your plate, people depending on you, and you subsequently put yourself further behind than you know you should. But you do it anyway.


Because thoughts take over like 'the busy time will hopefully be over soon' or 'I'll be ok. Just one more thing.'

The result?

You're tired. Snappy. Over it.

But it doesn't have to be this way, and that's why I usually do my best to create little pockets of space in my week, during which i can reassess everything, journal, visualise and make sure what I'm doing is congruent with the way I want to live my life. 

But it hasn't always been like that. I used to regularly get sick when I was younger from pushing it too much. From not listening within. I had to consciously learn that I need to create breaks in which I can recharge and space in which i can reconnect with myself. I needed to allow nourishment on all levels to find true balance and abundance. 

So, to remind myself and all of us, of how important it is to balance out a busy lifestyle with lots of self-care and awareness - even in, and especially in! - busy times, I put together a checklist.

This list is for all the busy bees out there to remind all of us of what we need to do EVERY SINGLE day to feel - and keep feeling well!

It's about reassessing priorities and refocusing, just as much as it is about making sure that you've got enough balance, nourishing times and rituals in place to keep your body, mind & spirit happy.

Here is the absolute minimum, high priority self-care check list for busy people in busy times:

1) Prioritise!
Ask yourself: "Am I clear about my goals? Is what I'm doing and spending my time with, bringing me closer towards my goal? Am I in full and total alignment with what I'm doing?" Then replace whatever is coming up with: "I now let go of everything that's no longer serving me on my schedule, and make space for what I want to come into my life."

2) Delegate!
If you've got a full schedule and you're too busy to stop, you really do just need to stop and reassess. And if, after prioritising, you're still too busy to stop for longer, then you need to find people to delegate to. This can be people within your family or business, or even professionals from outside of your own field (who know more about the specific issue and will therefore be way quicker at solving it, than you could ever be by trialling and testing it yourself).

3) Nourish!
Feed yourself good food - this includes healthy nutrition as well as natural skin products and thoughts as much as possible. I personally am putting time aside for this every morning and then once more during the rest of the day. I use this time to focus on what i want to feel, do and have in my life.

4) Process!
To really 'digest' and process what's happening, go and journal, meditate, take walks at the beach or in the forest or simply let your thoughts travel and fly (or dig deep respectively ;) )
Either way, keep in mind that the processing in the gut as well as in our mind only happens, when we start accepting the good stuff and the benefits in a situation and let all the waste go.

5) Detox!
Regularly cleanse yourself. This does not only include your Liver and Kidneys, but also your life in general. Are you thinking toxic thoughts? Do you talk to yourself how you would be talking to your best friend? A detox also occurs when we let go of old toxic habits, people and situations that no longer serve us anymore.

6) Rest & Recharge!
Break it up! Research has shown that productivity tremendously decreases after 50 hours. That's 7 hours a day. - Let's be real here. As mums, carers of any sort, workers, business owners, and often flat out busy bees, we often try to squeeze way more than that into the week! Work doesn't just include paid time, it really includes anything that requires attention and focus.

Focus on getting adequate amounts of sleep to balance out the busy times. Again, it will help your body to process, but also to recharge and revitalise.

7) Surrender!
Whilst working hard towards your goals, which I totally encourage, we also need to keep in mind that life happens whilst we're busy making other plans. If things happen out of our control, we also have to accept and surrender. Surrender as in letting go of what’s outside of your control (not as in giving your power away to external forces). This process involves going within and connecting with Spirit. It also involves trust.
Being flexible and adjustable is just as important as being strong. Take the example of a fern tree bush in the wind versus a flat sign on a board outside. Rigidity can easily result in life knocking us over.
Therefore, keep flowing, keep adjusting and keep living!

Here is the ultimate Tip for busy times:
Keep freeing up time (& space for yourself)!
It will increase your productivity, inner peace and wellbeing

Here is to self love, care and creating an aligned work life balance!