Do you know that Reflexology is one of the very few things that actually help with charging up your adrenals again? 


Because of the high need of opportunities to recharge our empty batteries, I now also offer 1 hour Adrenal Recharge Sessions at my home clinic at Mount Coolum at the Sunshine Coast.

Receive Reflexology and, if you like, Holistic Empowerment Coaching to fast track your recovery. 

Say bye to exhaustion and charge up your body, mind and spirit instead!

What is reflexology?

According to the principles of Reflexology, a map of the entire body can be found on the feet, hand and ears. All organs, glands and body parts can be located as reflexes and treated. By stimulating these reflexes, the body is encouraged to heal itself and to regain balance. Therefore Reflexology is not only v e r y relaxing, but it also promotes health! Reflexology clears up deep-seated metabolic irregularities and malfunctions and it assists the body’s natural ability to heal itself. … and afterwards your entire body feels as if it just had a deeply relaxing full body massage!


I'm a super passionate Reflexology Specialist with 14 years of experience and a highly intuitive Reader.

I mainly practice this modality on the feet, but sometimes I also offer it on hands and ears. I use my own 100% natural Reflexology Lotion with high grade essential oils which is available here.

If you are interested, a Feet-Reading is integrated into all my Reflexology sessions. Feet have their own language, which gets expressed through characteristics such as the shape, mobility, skin texture, colour and temperature of the feet, and it provides a fascinating and beneficial insight into the working of the subconscious mind. Feet-Reading assists me in selecting the best approach to assisting you on your path to health and wellbeing.

You can read more about my story and The Footprint Connection here.  


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Your investment for an Adrenal Recharge Session is as follows:

1hr $120 or 3-Session Packs only $330*

available at my home clinic in Mount Coolum

*Health Fund Rebates are available 

** Spread & share the love!
If you refer a friend, you'll save $5 on your next Adrenal Recharge Booking

OR $10 on your next 1.5 hour Session Booking **


This link will guide you to my Booking / Contact Form where you can stipulate your preferred treatment type, duration and location

What People Say

"Feeling fantastic!"

"Amazing Reflexology experience!"

"An incredible hour of healing reflexology focused on the adrenals, which was totally needed.

Sensational to know that there's some healing underway in some key areas and recognising what is going on. 

Our bodies are pretty incredible if we stop, look and listen and I am constantly fascinated by the connections.

If you haven't ventured to Sand's business yet, I highly recommend it!"

- Lisa Blair

"Best Reflexologist ever!!"

- Helena, Massage Therapist

I am currently taking some much needed time out.

Yesterday I had the honour of having a treatment from Sand.

This woman is amazing. 

Her hands, her heart all healing.

I'm on a complicated path at the moment and yesterday this path was made less bumpy by this beautiful Soul.

Please, if you need guidance, relaxation and an amazing reflexology experience, contact Sand. I promise everything will seem that little bit better after you do!

— Becky Bee - Harmony in Healing


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Treat your Body, Mind and Spirit through Your Feet