Are you an exhausted and overwhelmed Practitioner, coach or (want to be) change maker who's got a deep inner knowing that there is way more that you want to contribute (and are meant to be!), you just don't know exactly what or how? 

Do you easily get drained and tired, because you take too much on and you give, give, give but not much is coming back? 

You might even get wiped out with brainfog, a sore lower back and sore feet on a regular basis... 


The epidemic of burning out practitioners is rising and I'm on a mission to end it!


Watch my little video (It's only 2 min 20 sec long) to hear all about it:



My Story


I got really sick with 16, which is how my path led me to Natural Therapies. Back then, I realised 3 key things:

1) stress is a killer

2) always listen to your intuition

3) our body mind and spirit are one and the same 


Now, 17 years later - 14 of which I've been a therapist myself - I can only confirm what I came up with then. And I also need to add one more very powerful key realisation which most people (even therapists!) oversee:


4) In order for you to feel calm, clear and truly connected within, you need to embody your spirit


Back then, I decided to look for ways to calm and centre myself, and connect within. I travelled, studied and collected information. All of it for many years. And I’m so glad I did! 

In 2003, when I came to Australia, I attended an intensive Shamanic Healing Meditation course in Alice Springs. I was finally home. I came to the conclusion that meditating and connecting within doesn’t have to be still and empty! I realised that I could travel, observe, listen and even talk within! I loved it instantly!

One of the visualisations that I learnt back then, I've been sharing with my clients for the past few years with much success. It is an amazing technique to get out of a busy head and back into the body - within an instant - even if it's busy around you! You can download a free audio recording of it here. As my personal gift to you! 


Fast track forward, I've learnt ‘just a few’ more ways to reduce stress, listen within & heal my body since. 

I’ve studied all from Reflexology, Feet Reading, Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Energy Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, NeuroScience etc.

However, Reflexology, Feet-Reading and Mentoring have always been my biggest passions of all, as they combine relaxation, healing and understanding the whole being all at once, whilst giving me the ability to draw from all my other knowledge.

Moreover, this unique combination has been helping me to support my clients to move forward with purpose, clarity and direction, so they can create their aligned life and business with which they can not only live their dreams, but make a positive impact in the World.


Sand laughing with Reflexology Sunshine Coast
Sand applies pressure to a reflex
Sand deeply looking at client whilst holding foot

My journey with feet started already when I was little. I didn't like the look of my feet! My mum and sister were fortunate and had these delicate feet fitting into any shoe or high heel of their choice, whereas my feet were wide and didn't seem to fit into many shoes. 

Only later on my journey of exploring body shapes and forms, and learning more and more about feet reading is when I realised that all this had a meaning. Your whole entirety is represented in the feet. Not only your physical ailments, but also what you think and feel, where you've been and where you're going, your strengths, gifts and blockages are written in your Feet. 

Your Footprint tells the story of your pathway to step out of where you are and up to where you're meant to be.

So I started to love my feet for being the way they were and embracing everyone's looks and shapes as a representation of their strengths, blockages and personality, rather than anything right or wrong.


Our feet represent us in our entirety – which includes physical ailments, but also our mind and emotions, experiences, gifts and blockages. Our path is written in our feet.


As passionate and highly intuitive Reflexologist and Feet Reader, I love translating all my findings into a language that can be understood by the person who the feet belong to! 

This is how it lead me to create my own modality called 'The Footprint Connection'.

Our Feet tell us where we are coming from and where we need to go.


Sand Mew The Footprint Connector
Beautiful Girl On The Beach


Since then, I've worked with thousands of clients. And I've realised a few more key points that turn into hurdles on so many's path to become an empowered practitioner / change maker in their field. These hurdles hold so many of us back from shining our light. They keep us playing small and stuck in self doubt, confusion and overwhelm. They stop us from sharing our message loud and clear. And I'm on a mission to end this! 


I too have been swamped in the past because I was 'too sensitive', but at the same time super driven to contribute that something that I knew deep inside I had to share.. I was confused about how to bring across to the outside world what I offered behind walls in my clinic room. It kept me searching, studying, observing and going through a million lessons (it seemed!) myself. I just didn't know exactly how to bring my message across. 


This has all changed over the last couple of years and so I've been sharing my knowledge, experience and skills with an open heart. So also you can share the gift that only you have and the world would miss out on, if you kept on holding it back. 


In fact, these days I'm specialising in empowering empathetic practitioners, coaches and change makers who do too much and 'sponge up' way too much of what's happening around them and in their lives, to connect with their unique purpose and create their aligned life and business. So you can get back to centre and into your inner power, live your dreams and simultaneously give back to the World in a positive way.

The transformations, liberations and creations are amazing to witness and I passionately love what I do for that reason!


I believe that the body is our friend who shows us all that is going on in our mind and emotions through signs & symptoms - yes, our higher self "talks" to us via our body and we only need to be able to understand it's language. That's why I'm here, I'm a body translator. My big passion is assisting people in connecting with themselves, finding wellness and stepping into their full potential. I believe that Only when you are truly connected within and understand yourself, you can connect with the outer world as an empowered and authentic being and shine your light.

Seeing people align with their inner truth and expressing that to the world gives me goose bumps! I love it!


Are you ready? 

...To take the time to nurture, heal & connect with yourself? 

...To take it to the next level, and create long lasting change? Are you ready to step into You, the true authentic empowered you that you've always longed to be? 

... To start listening to yourself? 

...To finally create what you've been dreaming of all your life and thought would never come?

Family Mew
Vacation holidays. Woman feet closeup of girl relaxing on beach

As a parent of two boys (7 and nearly 4) and business owner in a loving relationship, I understand only too well the need for

Spirit Embodiment, balance and inner connection in our busy daily lives.

So I love teaching powerful strategies, that assist you in feeling clear, strong & in alignment with your purpose. Step into your full potential, thrive and contribute your unique gift to the World!

This starts with getting out of a busy mind! A great way to do this within an instant, no matter where you are and what you are doing, is by utilizing a short and very powerful visualisation that I'm happy to share with you for free! You can download this right here and instantly get out of a busy mind and into centre and inner peace!

Last but not least, I'm a natural manifestor - and I believe we can all be!

I go for what I want in life and believe we all deserve to live our dreams. Once I've even manifested a car for free within 5 minutes of putting it out there! I can show you step-by-step processes of how to get there and start creating what you want in life!

Do you want to know more about me? (And I guess that's what you came onto this page for, right? ;) )

Here are 2 more insights about me

#Insight 1 - my name

So first things first, let's start with my name. Yes, it's Sand - like Sand on the beach. It's originally from Sandra, but everyone started calling me Sand from a young age on.. 'cause I love it! I love the beach and the desert. I used to collect it in all sorts of colours and shapes from all around the globe. No matter what sand you look at, it may appear similar and people may brush it aside as it all being one and the same. But if you look very closely, with an open heart and mind, you will notice that all varieties of sand, down to the individual grain, are all different and unique.

Every single corn of sand has its own story - just like people.

#Insight 2 - my life

I love life! I'm very multi-passionate and never bored! :) In my spare time I love hanging out with my two beautiful little boys Arlo (8) & Bodhi (5) and my favourite man in the world (my husband Jonny). I'm passion5e about health, wellness and authentic, nourishing living - I love deep conversations and teaching, good food, feet, dancing, yoga, fun with my friends and family, raw chocolaty treats, spending time in nature and open spaces. I absolutely love traveling (I'm originally from Germany, came here 14 years ago and visited over 30ish countries along the way!) and sand of different colours (I used to collect sand from all around the world, believe it or not). Ancient cultures, their beliefs, ways of living, thinking and healing have always fascinated me. The last few years I've been immersing myself in the journey of finding my purpose and learning ways to create an abundant life (on all levels!) without sacrifycing your heart and soul, but actually make a difference instead.

I've been balancing time on my business (which I'm super passionate about, as I love it!), life with my beautiful family and nourishing myself. Life is full, rich and amazing!

A bit more formal

As an accredited member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), Sand is a qualified Reflexologist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Tui Na & Shiatsu Practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Western Herbalist, as well as Holistic Practitioner Empowerment Coach, with a main focus on the Mind-Body-Spirit-Connection. These formal skills are combined with a passionate knowledge of the body and energy systems and a deep intuition and knowing which has guided her to do this work. Her gentle and loving style, combined with a great ability to intuitively read people, helps Sand access what needs to be cleared and healed for wellness to come to the forefront. She coaches people to help them tap into their intuition, passion & purpose to realize their dreams and how to access what they really want. It is her intention to help YOU connect with your intuition by understanding your body, mind and spirit, healthy living and authentic relating, so also you can contribute your unique Footprint on Planet Earth.

Qualifications & Experiences


  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (HLT 60507), Brisbane
  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (HLT 60107), Brisbane
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition (HLT 61007), Brisbane
  • Diploma of Reflexology (HLT 51707), Brisbane
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT 50302), Brisbane
  • Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage - Tui Na (HLT 50102), Brisbane (Chinese Acupressure)
  • Diploma of Oriental Therapies - Shiatsu (HLT 50202), Brisbane


  • Zen Thai Shiatsu with Gwynne Williams at the Mt Ninderry Healing Centre, Sunshine Coast Hinterland
  • Auriculartherapy (Ear Reflexology) with Sue Hellinger at the Reflexology Centre Australia, Brisbane
  • Foot Joint Mobilisation (FJM) with M.R.Gifkins from New Zealand in Brisbane
  • Reflexology & Feet-Reading courses with various teachers in Germany and Austria and extensive studies & experiences from years in home clinics and at Reflexology stalls and festivals (incl Bill Horton, Eumundi Markets, Sunshine Coast; South Bank Markets in Brisbane; Tank Markets, Cairns; Rainbow Serpent Festival 2008)


  • “wetlab” visits for in depth knowledge of Human Anatomy, Brisbane
  • Realignment of the body through the spine with Maximilian Huber, Germany
  • Masterclass Series of Endocrinology & the Female Reproductive System, further educational Naturopathic/herbal seminars (incl Metagenics, Floridis)
  • Ayurvedic Medicine – an 8 week introduction course, Germany
  • Part time professional herb course at the American East West School of Planetary Herbology, which offers the study and practice of medicinal herbalism combining Western, east Indian Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese healing systems 


  • Advanced Iridology, Brisbane
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences, Brisbane
  • Aromatherapy Training, Germany & Brisbane
  • Colour Therapy, Germany
  • Reiki I & II & Master attunement, Germany, Brisbane & Airly Beach
  • Shamanic Healing Meditation Workshop intensive, Alice Springs
  • Chakra Dance with Annie O'Moon-Browning, Brisbane


  • Family Constellation intensive, Alice Springs
  • Human Potentials, Cairns
  • Meditation (traditional and modern techniques)
  • Yoga experience for 15 years (incl Okido yoga, Vinjasa)
  • Goal Setting & Manifesting Seminars in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bali 
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming and NeuroScience
  • Life coaching studies


  • B-School 2015, online
  • Lucky Bitch Bootcamp online
  • eCourse Launch Formula with Kathryn Hocking, online
  • Right Mission Right Money with Nicola Grace, Sunshine Coast
  • Alchemy with Dane Tomas
  • Owning, managing and running own herbal shops (management The Happy Herb Shop Westend & Airly Beach 2008, Cairns 2009-2010; ownership The Happy Herb Shop Coffs Harbour July 2011-January 2014)


  • Cultural Anthropology studies in Freiburg, Germany, as well as many years of travelling the world and getting to know different cultures and peoples; their ways of living, believing, eating and healing
  • Lots of teaching experience from first running maths crash courses in Germany - in 2003; later facilitating Reflexology Workshops (starting with Mt Ninderry Healing Centre, Sunshine Coast in 2008 up until this day), guest lecturing midwifery students of SCU (Sunshine Coast University) teaching Acupressure and Reflexology for birth.
  • Mother of two sons (born in Nov.2009 and Feb.2013) with two natural home & lotus births

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