Have you ever had one of those moments when your boss/parent/partner/friend gives you a go ahead on something, you start planning and preparing, only to find out that a few days later, they pull out again?


Have you ever been in the position yourself that you've gone and excitedly said yes to something, only to find a day or two later you feel really wrong about it? Even worse, now that you've already said yes, you feel terrible because the others are counting on you?


Well in that case, I'd suggest you take off your shoes right now. Yes that's right. Go on :)

Now check the gap between your big toe and your second toe.

Is there a bigger gap? or are they sitting tightly next to each other?


If your big toe and 2nd toe are close together:

> Congrats, you most likely find it easy to make heart and mind aligned decisions. In that case, make sure you check on other people's toes if you are awaiting a heart-aligned decision or if you want to find out if someone is truly standing behind their decision. If you see a gap between their toes, why not suggest them to take their time with their decision and get back to you in a day or two?


If there is a gap between your big toe and 2nd toe:

> Most likely you find it hard to make aligned decisions on the spot. You might find that you jump into things straight up, but later, once you've had some time to think about them, and feel into them, you might change your mind and then regret having said yes so hastily.

This trait can not only lead to inner turmoil and conflict in your own life, but it can also cause a lot of irritation in others around you. They might find it hard to never exactly know where they are at with you, as you might pull out soon after agreeing to stuff. Right?

>>The solution?

Ask for time!

No one minds, if you say "Thanks for that, I'll think about it and get back to you on that." On the contrary, it will earn you respect by many for honouring your need to sit with something. The other party will know for sure that no matter if you say yes or no, it will be truly what you feel and no one else.

As mentioned above, this also works super well, if you want to check on someone else's intentions behind their decisions. Simply check their toes and give them more time, if needed! 😉


Note: The gap can change over time - and your ability to make decisions with it! (Mine has!! Crazy!)


If you'd like to find out what other truths are written in your feet and how to manage them in a more heart-centred, aligned way, that honours you and your needs and also takes into account the people around you, inquire about a Reflexology and Feet-Reading Session or Footprint Analysis Session with me now. I'm looking forward to seeing you and reading your feet! :)