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My short and super powerful visualisation called 'The Tap Technique' (not to be mistaken for EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique!). It's meant to be used all the time - no matter how busy you are, and especially when you are busy!!

It will instantly get you out of a busy head and into your body, feeling calm and centred. 


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Sand Mew

What some others have said

"Super powerful" - Rickie
"I love especially your Tap Technique, Sand! It's helped me to snap out of my crazy thoughts all week. I use it all the time and feel so much more calm and myself for it. So thank you so so much!!"

- Annabel 

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If you're having trouble to connect, please get in touch too! There are some other easy techniques that can unblock this blockage like a plug and help you return to flow... But for now, give this visualisation a go, as 9 out of 10 find it sufficient, easy, fun and very empowering to use throughout their day!

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