All Reflexology and Feet Reading, as well as Transformation Packs are available in conjunction with my husband Jonny's Holographic Kinetics Sessions  

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Are you exhausted, feeling stuck or drained?

Are you feeling swamped, as if you 'sponged up' too many energies?

Are you ready to clear your patterns that have been keeping you stuck?

... Are you ready to thrive?


What is Holographic Kinetics?

Holographic Kinetics (HK) is a modality based on ancient dreamtime knowledge that clears deep seated patterns. 
It goes back to the root-cause, clears it and locks in a new pattern that then ripples through time.

That means you can clear the cause of the effect of anything that is affecting you or impacting on your life, ie anxiety, depression, trauma, alcohol / drug dependency, emotional overwhelm, anger issues, stress, abuse, pain, repeating patterns etc. Find more info about HK and Jonny's work at

Would you like to know more about our Transformation Pack styles and what Jonny and I can do to support you the best? 

Jonny Mew

Who is Jonny?

Jonny is an intuitive, empowered and naturally gifted healer who is committed to changing the world one person at a time.
By clearing the trauma of the past and reconnecting with Spirit, the innate power that lies within all of us is accessible and immense empowerment and life changes can result. It is time for us to acknowledge that we are enough, we are connected and that the answers do truly lie within.

As a dedicated Holographic Kinetics practitioner, Jonny draws upon skills acquired over the past 15 years, including Holographic Kinetics, Kinergetics, Neuro-Energetic & IH Kinesiology, Oki Do Yoga Teacher Training, Sound Healing and Quantum Touch. Jonny is also a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist.

What some of our clients say

“Thank you!! I am absolutely flying. I am so happy and so full of energy and so motivated yet still so assured and steady. Everything is falling it to place and I have honestly never felt better. I can’t thank Sand and Jonny enough - they are two incredible beings and beautiful souls! They have helped me see and shift a whole bunch of issues that have been holding me back and causing unhappiness/illness in my life. They are so supportive both during and outside of the sessions and are two of the most comforting and nurturing people I have met. Their presence alone is enough to make you feel amazing. 
Thank you Thank you Thankyou!!”

— Guy Hay

"Thank you for being such incredible makers of change, holders of space and for walking alongside me during this very beautiful & sacred shifting time, both Sand & Jonny! I'm deeply grateful for the Co-creation."

— Riana K. - Open Hearts Mend

Heal yourself
Free your Spirit
Step into your full Potential