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2-Day Reflexology Workshop Weekends 

(Prerequisite for The Footprint Connection Certification Program)

Heal your Body Mind & Spirit through your feet!


Are you a practitioner/body worker that's keen to up-skill?

Or are you keen to learn Reflexology, even with no prior knowledge or natural health skills?


Have you ever wondered how you could help your little ones and family (as well as yourself) easily, nourishingly and effectively with nothing but your hands? 

Did you know that you can help your loved ones and yourself fast and effectively when suffering from tummy aches, headaches, coughs, period pains or backaches with Reflexology? That you can relieve exhaustion, tension or anxiety within moments by applying pressure to the right reflexes? 


Are you interested in empowering your health and the one of your family with the ancient modality Reflexology? 


Then join me in my next 2-day Reflexology Workshop weekend at Mount Coolum at the Sunshine Coast!

This is "Module 1 - Solid Foundations" for my Certification Program called The Footprint Connection Reflexology (my specialised Reflexology, Feet Reading, Clearing and Coaching/Mentoring modality created by me) which will launch in 2019 (applications are open now for the Early Bird admission). 

This Workshop is for beginners and practitioners, who would like to expand their skill set with Reflexology, taught by a World-renowned, passionate Reflexology Specialist with 15 years of experience of treating many thousands of feet, international Reflexology workshop facilitator with 10 years of experience, as well as qualified Naturopath, Tui Na practitioner and Spiral practitioner. On completion of this workshop, you'll be able to confidently start applying your new skills on yourself and loved ones - as well as your clients, if you are already practising in the natural health field.

Anyone who would like to, can then continue with my Certification program (8-day immersion in Feb 2020 with online modules, group calls and follow up case studies, so also those from further away can easily partake), which will go deeper into the interconnectedness of Body, Mind and Spirit, treatment plans, Feet Reading, Clearing, Coaching and Mentoring through the feet.



In "Module 1 - Solid Foundations", you will:

  •  Learn all about the 12 main body systems and the emotions that get linked to body parts and organs

  •  Find out how you can treat a range of conditions from headaches to back aches to period pain easily yourself

  • Get a deep introduction into this ancient modality as well as into the anatomy of our human body and how they both link up 

  • Thoroughly learn how to ‘travel through the body’ via the feet and apply this amazing tool

  • Get to practise a whole body sequence on the feet

  • Learn, swap, practise, relax and nourish yourself by joining us on this beautiful nurturing weekend!


A weekend just for you! 


Empower yourself with a new skill set whilst nourishing your soul and relaxing your body... 

Reflexology Workshop weekend Mt Coolum 2018

Reflexology Workshop weekend Mt Coolum 2018

Metatarsal Kneading

Metatarsal Kneading

Reflexology Workshop Mt Coolum Feb. 2019

Reflexology Workshop Mt Coolum Feb. 2019


What is Reflexology?
According to Reflexology, the feet, hand and ears all represent the body in a map in miniature. All the organs, glands and body parts can be found as reflexes and treated. By stimulating these reflexes, the body is encouraged to heal itself and to regain balance. Therefore Reflexology is not only very relaxing, but it also promotes health!


Who can do this Workshop?

Anyone! Especially those who want to share healing with their family and friends, but also those who already practise other modalities of natural therapies, who would like to expand their skill set. This Workshop (also available as Workshop - Online Course Bundle) is for everyone interested in learning how to help yourself and others by understanding how to effectively work with feet, whilst enjoying being treated yourself!


What is this Workshop all about?
You will learn some of the history, the benefits and contraindications of Reflexology, how to locate reflexes and how to perform a whole treatment sequence that works on all the body systems.

In addition to that, I'll be sharing tons of information on the Body Systems, organs and body parts that we are working on and the Interconnectedness of Mind - Body - Spirit.

This is a very in depth and thorough introduction to Reflexology!


You'll be able to get all your questions answered.

There will be plenty of hands on learning, so that you can start working on friends and family straight away!

Reflexology is a relaxing, subtle yet powerful treatment tool that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of complementary therapies – be part of it!

The Footprint Connection charts
happy feet
Reflexology Workshop interactions

What is the Investment? 

The investment to get an in depth introduction to the ancient modality of Reflexology and learn all about the interconnectedness of Body, Mind and Spirit with me as a super passionate Reflexology Specialist with 15 years of experience of treating many thousands of feet, international workshop facilitator with 11 years of experience, as well as qualified Naturopath, Tui Na practitioner, etc is...


… only $550 + GST for the whole weekend,

or EARLY BIRD only $495 + GST (until 20th Sept)

(only $450 + GST per person if booked and paid with a Buddy/a friend or partner) by 20th Sept ‘19 for our Workshop on the 19th and 20th of October ‘19!

Payment plans are available.

So if you book with a buddy (=you book & pay together with your partner or friend), 
you'll save up to $100 each ! 

All that's required to hold your space right now at the current rate is a $100 non-refundable deposit


What does this include?

  • 2 days of nurturing tuition, professional knowledge & skills combined with deep relaxation on massage tables

  • a comprehensive, fully updated manual (worth $40) 

  • a 5ml tester of my specifically formulated Reflexology Lotion

  • pens and paper

  • access to Sand's private, exclusive Facebook Group of Reflexology Students, where you can ask questions, bounce off ideas and share success stories, even way beyond the end of the weekend!

  • ... and of course lots of fun! :) 


What are the next Dates and Locations?

Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast

Sat 19th Oct.'19 -- 10am - 5pm
Sun 20th Oct'18 -- 9am - 4pm

Secure YOur Early Bird Special Now

(cuts off 20th Sep.)



  • Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast, 11th & 12th January 2019

  • Leutkirch, South Germany, 27th & 28th July 2020

  • Hamilton, New Zealand in Jan. 2021 (taking expressions of interest)

Note: Certification Program 8 day immersion is now in Feb’20!


Are you interested? 

To ensure maximum quality of learning experience, classes are strictly limited to 12 participants max, so please make a booking as soon as you've decided.

Save yourself up to $100 per person with the Early Bird (by booking and paying with a buddy)

Interested but can't make any of these dates or locations?
You can find out about upcoming Workshops, Dates and Venues by following me on Facebook, or even easier, sign up to my newsletter. 

Alternatively, if you get together a minimum of 6 people (with you 7-12 people all up), I'm happy to teach wherever you are (travel costs apply)!

Feel free to also express your interest by filling in the contact form and I'll contact you, as soon as I've set more dates.


Previous Workshop Reviews

from the past 11 years:


"I loved it! It was so much more than I expected. The content was presented in a relaxed, yet professional manner, and examples were given to help us make sense of the information. There was plenty of time for practise and questions. This course has further opened my eyes to the interconnected systems of the body, and I'm excited to incorporate it into my practise."
- Camille, physiotherapist, Mount Coolum

“Sand’s Reflexology Workshop is AMAZING!
I’m taking home a brand new skill set! I’ve gained knowledge of how body systems work together and how everything interconnects.
I loved all the theory we learnt, and it was
extremely well-balanced with the hands on practise. :)
Sand has an amazing wealth of knowledge and conveys information in a very clear, concise and understandable way! I recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn more about this ancient practise. “
- Bonnie Fay, massage therapist

The Workshop was very professional and thorough. I've learnt a wonderful routine and Sand is a vibrant being. I loved the body information and learning the connecting points. Sand, you did an excellent job, my mind is buzzing with new knowledge. Thank you sooo much.

— Margaret, Marcoola



This is an excellent workshop. Well thought out in structure & great to get practical experience. I'm taking home happy feet, a good understanding and confidence to practise on friends and family. I love the workbook with great pictures and that you came around helping us all constantly.”

— Tara, Marcoola


"A wealth of wisdom"

Sand has a wealth of wisdom to share and always does so with such poetry. She is an incredible teacher! Making the complex digestible with her gentle patience and eloquent craft of words. Her passion and beautiful smile is contagious! I whole heartedly recommend this 2-day course. All my love.

— Juliette, Yoga Teacher, Brisbane

“I loved this workshop! It flowed nicely over the two days. So much knowledge was shared, Sand! Thank you!
I’m taking home lots of valuable learnings & understandings, and further insight from a different stand point into myself - where I am today.
I desire to study more! And I’m highly interested in your Certification Program!
I liked that the group wasn’t too large as well as the opportunity for asking questions anytime. I appreciated having a comprehensive manual provided as part of the learning program. 
I enjoyed the practise sessions - it’s such a good idea working with different people.
- Fiona Greer, Massage and Reiki Practitioner

“I found the workshop very informative and I loved the “hands on” practise after the theory component. I’m taking home some useful skills of reflexology to use on myself, family, friends. I loved the feedback given by Sand & the client.
Sand has a natural ability to teach & empower others with Reflexology skills. She is kind and honest as well as very helpful when giving constructive, timely feedback. 
We felt so welcome and thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise with us all.
- Kath Donohue

"Sand is an amazing teacher and huge wealth of knowledge. The Workshop was fantastic! Full of useful and visual materials, well structured notes, practical pictures and well thought out exercises. I've learned key points to treat myself and my husband as well as easy ways to self care. I loved the great anatomical information that helped me understand the body better. Sand also has such an easy going & helpful teaching style - allowing ANYONE to access this ancient healing technique. As a healer myself, this is a great addition to my skillset."

— Debbie Pask, Coffs Harbour

"What an informative & professional workshop with safe & comfortable environment! Inspiring!
I'm taking home a new skill to help my family and friends along with a greater understanding of the connection between mind and body. It was perfect!"

- Sha, Mount Coolum

Thank you Sand, your knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring! It was brilliant!”
- Deb Chesterman, Mount Coolum

"Great information!"

Awesome! So much great information, a comprehensive manual and new learnings. I loved the hands-on relaxed environment and thorough teaching style.

— John, Marcoola

“I’m very impressed! It was way more than what I thought was possible to learn with helping with health issues. I’ve learnt how to help others with their problems and relaxation. 
I loved the whole body sequence and everyone being so happy and friendly. 
I loved every minute of the workshop.
Sand is an amazing teacher who is very patient and caring.”
- Lynette Doman

I loved this Workshop! I've learnt heaps and am taking home a new healing tool and a greater knowledge of Reflexology and understanding of the human body. I liked the athmosphere, the people and Sand. She is an amazing teacher and amazing person. It was lovely to be here and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

— Jenny, Marcoola

“It was a really beneficial & worthwhile workshop, Sand! I loved the informal, “hands on” approach. 
I’m taking with me a smiley face & a feeling of satisfaction, plus a wonderful understanding of the World of Reflexology.
I loved the safe environment shared with like-minded people and multi-faceted modalities of learning. Thank you SO much!! Xxx”
- Rowan Foster, Mount Coolum

“A great workshop with a perfect amount of information and structure (theoretical and practical part).
I liked the good group size and manual,... I’m very happy with everything! :D ”

“I loved doing this workshop for the second time! :D  the new format with more theory is wonderful! 
I’ve got a much greater understanding of how to treat ailments using Reflexology. 
I loved Sand’s presentation style, which is wonderfully engaging, the information and wonderful positive vibe. 
Sand is so knowledgeable and has a true passion for this subject. I have learnt so much and have been inspired by Sand. 
She is a truly wonderful being.”
- Kevin Blair, Mount Coolum




This is a weekend just for you! Treat your feet, body and soul.

Book this special learning experience today and save up to $100* p.person!


Payment Options:

Pay now with PayPal/credit card (Note: 2.5% PayPal fees apply) or via direct bank transfer (at no extra cost > simply send me a booking request). Payment plan options available

Spots are filling up fast for my 2019 Workshops.

Secure your spot for my next informative, fun and relaxing Reflexology & Emotional Connections weekend now!

It’s a prerequisite for my Certification Program.