Do you often "take stuff on" that's not yours, 

because you feel so much what others are going through?

You often feel brain foggy.

Tired and swamped.

especially when you've been around too many people.

Don't even mention shopping centres!!


You get affected by the people around you,

because you're an empath - you just know, so you feel it all.


How amazing would it be to live without anxiety, those waves of inner stress and tension!?

To figure out a way not having to push through life, by going with the flow more - without loosing control of everything. 

Not to feel swamped anymore after seeing clients, too many people or being in crowds!


In a nutshell, how would it feel to be centred, calm and empowered at all times

and know how to get there again quickly in case you get triggered?


I'm Sand from The Footprint Connection, and I passionately love empowering empathetic practitioners and change makers to connect with your unique purpose and inner power, so you can hold your space, free yourself of fears and blockages, go for your dreams and create a fully aligned life and business that also contributes to change in the World.


As mentioned in my video above, I used to get very affected by crowds and people too. In fact I used to think it was because I grew up in the country and was just not used to cities!

I only realised later that I sponged up everything around me. When I sat on a public bus or train, I'd look at people and feel their stories and pains. I knew what they were going through in life, without actually having heard their story. I simply had to look at their eyes and felt it all: their sadness, pains, stuckness.

And as a result, I felt so drained at the end of my city visits.

To the point where I had to have a lay down and couldn't get anything done anymore. 

But I didn't realise what I was doing then. 


Only later, when I was studying Naturopathy and body work and started working on people and was getting all these downloads, through their bodies and their feet, I realised, I couldn't continue like this anymore.

I felt exhausted at the end of seeing a day's worth of clients. Total wipe out. My brain would feel foggy, and a sense of overwhelm was common.

I had sore and tight shoulders (which is where a part of the Small Intestine Meridian is located) and frequently suffered from constipation, because I couldn't process the vast amount of information that was constantly flooding into my consciousness. 


Something had to change.



There were only two ways to deal with this dilemma:

I'd either shut down and not look at people anymore

(like so many others who numb themselves, just not to feel each other)


I'd learn a way to be myself, feel everything deeply, but still hold my space. 


I opted for the latter.



I needed to learn how to hold my space. 

This spurred me on to learn many techniques and gain understanding over the more than 14 years of being a practitioner, that helped me so much.

This knowledge and these techniques have helped me transform from being really wiped out at the end of a long day of seeing clients at the markets, events or my home clinic in the past, to feeling clear, focused and empowered throughout long days of treating and consulting today!

No more wiped out, brain-foggy states.

No matter if I'm working at my home clinic or at a busy event, seeing 10 clients a day plus running a workshop or presentation is totally doable now - even more: I can do so now, and still feel energised, centred, calm and clear at the end of it all!

And that feels truly empowering!


Of course I'm still a human, and I still get my moments (and believe me, with two little boys, my own business and life in general - there can be many triggers around!), but I now know exactly what I can do to de-trigger myself and come back within. 

I know many techniques that help me and my clients to look at life and situations and not only understand our own role in them, but that also give us confidence and trust in the safe knowing that we are able to shift whatever is coming up. 



Are you curious in learning how to hold your space,

so that you can fully be you whilst being there for others?

So you can tune into their pains, feelings, wishes and their being (how you are doing it anyway),

but simultaneously know how to hold your space and not just white light yourself and hope for the best?



In my The Empowered Empath eCourse - A life changing toolkit for the sensitive being! - I've combined steps and processes which I've been working through within my more than 14 years of clinic experience with my clients all the time.

In fact, they are extracted from my 11-week Empowering Mastery For Change Makers Program, because they can help so many of us - even those who are on track of living their purpose already or those who aren't interested in owning and running their own business.


In 5 Modules (incl bonus Modules), you'll learn how to...

  • calm down your nervous system, even when life is hectic

  • shift your state in any given moment, so you can stay clear of brain fog and wiped out feelings and be energised, clear and empowered instead

  • connect within

  • understand your body, mind and spirit

  • go with your hormonal cycle to increase joy and productivity in your life

  • find clarity with a clear understanding of your chakra system

  • know your triggers and how to deal with them 

  • connect with your strengths and shadows (those aspects of yourself that you usually rather avoid, which however can also be your greatest strength)
  • hold your space, so crowds and others don't affect you anymore

  • a very effective way of communicating that gets you heard and understood, which not only honours your own needs but also the other person's feelings (you'll feel proud of yourself for honouring your needs whilst actually achieving your desired outcome!)

And you'll receive...

  • my 1:1 intuitive support and guidance within a small, supportive and safe facebook group-community of like-minded empaths 


Sand open hands
Dandelion with seeds blowing away in the wind across a clear blu
Sand looking over


Why is all of this important and what will learning all of the above give me?
1) Clarity & Calm
If you generally feel wiped out after a few hours at the shopping centre, you'll be amazed how calm and clear you will feel when you claim and hold your space. 
2) Energy & Vitality
Instead of getting drained like a battery, you can continuously keep recharging yourself within. This will result in a massive increase in energy levels - which won't be used up once the day is over!
3) Grounding & Centring
Continuously checking in with yourself and holding your space allows you not to only protect yourself, but to also feel yourself wholeheartedly. You will feel grounded, centred and connected within. 
4) Inner Peace
This inner connection and feeling of alignment allows a feeling of inner peace wash over you. Fear and worry leaves your mind and instead of hardening towards people you don't like, you feel compassionate and understanding. 
5) Knowing yourself
By continuously checking within, you gain more and more understanding of yourself and your own needs. This attention and awareness that you are gifting yourself, will lead to a sound connection with your intuition too - your inner wisdom & truth. 
6) Responsibility
With continuous inner checks and holding this space, you know what's yours and what's others. This allows you to take ownership of your own feelings and in turn leads to you taking responsibility for your own life

7) Protecting others and improved relationships
By you holding your own space, you hold space for others too. By you being honest to yourself and your own needs, you know where you start and where others end. That in turn allows others to claim their space too and not take on your stuff either. 


Overall, this will hugely benefit you in your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, but also at work or within your business - Holding your space as an empath is a key in all areas of life, so you can shine your light and actually contribute what you're here for


"Wow! This is so wonderful, Sand!!! This has been the most powerful, amazing, challenging and uplifting course. I love it and feel sooooo lucky to have been part of it. Thank you!! And so loved hearing from all of you and learning more through each other's journeys too."
- Lara Jane - Song Bird Soul Medicine


"Module 2 was sooo great! I was so enlightened by learning about the phases of the menstrual cycle. i have often had the thought of 'Why do i always feel sooo up and down all the time.. sometimes i feel really energetic, motivated and social, other times i want to crawl into bed and stay there without seeing anyone or doing anything for a week while wishing i didn't feel so bad.. this will definitely help me to accept how i feel at each phase and use it to make the most of my productivity and social time when it comes" 
- Becky
"Wow, the course is amazing! I feel so empowered and grateful for the learnings in it! I've come to understand myself and where I'm coming from so much better and feel I've got a wonderful tool kit together with which I can shift things when they come up. THANK YOU!"
- Joy
“Sand has a wealth of wisdom to share and always does so with such poetry. She is an incredible teacher! Making the complex digestible with her gentle patience and eloquent craft of words. Her passion and beautiful smile is contagious! I whole heartedly recommend working with Sand. All my love.”

— Juliette McConachy - Be Moved Yoga & Zen Thai


"Thank you for being such incredible makers of change, holders of space and for walking alongside me during this very beautiful & sacred shifting time, both Sand & Jonny! I'm deeply grateful for the Co-creation."

— Riana K. - Open Hearts Mend

Most frequently asked Questions:


1. I've tried so many things before. How do I know this is different?

The Empowered Empath is a tool kit that teaches a totally different angle of looking at things. It might challenge certain belief systems that you've accumulated throughout your life, but the response that I usually hear is "Ahhhh that makes so much sense!!".

I teach about owning your body and embodying YOUR higher self and spirit, which is most likely not what you've learnt and tried before - otherwise you would more than likely not be here and need different tools right now. 


2. My life is hectic. Will I be able to complete it?

The Empowered Empath is a self paced eCourse. You can either complete it in one go over the course of a few days, or over several months - that's totally up to you, and there is seriously no pressure.

However, as I know it's easy to sign up for things and then not to complete them, if there isn't some form of accountability, I decided to send out a weekly email to guide you along the content. Moreover, I'll be running some little live trainings and support calls within the private Facebook support group. You won't be left to your own devices, unless you wish to do so! :)


3. I'm not a technical person. Will it be easy enough for me to do the course?

The Empowered Empath is hosted on it's own platform, with all Modules (including Audios, Manuals, Worksheets and Bonus materials, as well as some videos) beautifully and lovingly prepared and accessible on a password protected site. All my previous feedback about the platform has been very positive (10 out of 10) and even the most technologically illiterate beings have found it very easy to navigate. 

Moreover, you'll be receiving weekly reminder emails that will guide you along the content, which will make access to the course and learning even easier. 


4. I'm also interested in Mentoring offers, to gain more Purpose and Clarity in my life. Will the content overlap? 

The content of The Empowered Empath and my Create Your Aligned Life and Business Mentoring Package don't overlap - on the contrary, they seamlessly complement each other, as they are both parts of my 11-week Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers group program.

So if, after you've completed The Empowered Empath, you'd like to gain clarity on your purpose, message and direction, you can simply work with me 1:1 with my Create Your Aligned Life and Business Mentoring Package OR join the next round of my 11-week Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers group program, for which you'll receive a $250 discount! So either way, you can't go wrong and are setting yourself up with a foundational life-changing toolkit for the sensitive being! :)  




The Empowered Empath is not for you, if you're happy with sticking to white lighting yourself and handing your power over to angels and guides alone, rather than looking at your stuff and being the creator of your life. 

It's also not a once off fix. It's a life changing toolkit - as long as you keep applying the tools, whenever you need them. 


The Empowered Empath is for those of you who are ready to get out of their busy head and into their body. It's for those who had enough of feeling tired, drained, worried, overwhelmed, exhausted and disconnected from themselves and who are ready to feel in charge of their life, feel clear, strong, empowered and calm within. 


I see that people in our society live mostly out of their body. If you look around, people are stressed, busy, worried, running, hectic, anxious, full of self doubt. All those feelings are linked to the fact that they aren't in themselves and connected to their spirit, their higher self. 
When you integrate and claim yourself back however, something magical happens. You're feeling strong, certain of yourself and of what you're doing. You feel calm and powerful. Your intuition is strong and doubt doesn't exist anymore. This creates a massive shift in awareness and the way you are holding yourself. It frees up tons of time and space in your life to be able to fully focus on living your full potential, no matter if in yourself, your relationships, family or business.

My message to the world is to Embody your Spirit. Reclaim yourself in Body, Mind & Spirit. Eradicate helplessness, doubt, worry and fear, by trusting your own inner wisdom and knowing. Stop giving your power away to the big forces & instead empower yourself and your loved ones with the right strategies and awareness! You can live your dreams - sustainably and ethically! 
And if we shine our light, all those lights can come together to rise to a big bright light that creates change. Change that is so needed in this world. 
Let's be part of something bigger, something higher and change the world one spirit embodied heart at a time!



Are you ready?


Then join me and some fellow empaths now! 


You can kick off straight away or at any later stage that works better for you. You've got life-time access, so there is no pressure and no rush ;) 

What you will have however is a life-changing toolkit to get all empowered, calm and clear just before the Christmas and Holiday Season!

(Yes, you'll finally know how to deal with the often most tricky time of the year with family visits and triggers galore!!)



Join with one single Payment of only $495


Or choose this Payment Plan of 6x weekly payments of $90 (total $540)


What's included in the eCourse?

  • 5 comprehensive Manuals (that's including 2 Bonus Modules) hosted on a professional password protected website platform, with lifetime access (of the program) to all materials and including future updates
  • Worksheets, Posters and bonus material for all Modules
  • Audios to guide you through the entire program
  • some Videos to further explain some concepts
  • intimate FB Group to ask all those burning questions in regards to YOUR story and life, which will receive my personalised answers and occasional extra video trainings
  • A weekly email to guide you along the course content, so you really feel supported and can't miss anything!
  • All of this comes at the investment of  only $ 495  


This eCourse is perfect, if you're ready to leave brain-fog, energetic overwhelm and exhaustion behind, and are keen to hold your space, so you can feel clear, calm and empowered, and have more conscious and connected relationships too!


If you're ready to make this Christmas time the best and most clear-headed one ever, so you can step into the New Year with clarity, inner connection and improved relationships, then join us now!



Join us at only $ 495 now !!!

Payment Plans available (see above).