“Beyond incredible.”

I was so tired when I sat down, after 6 months of new mother sleep deprivation. Walked away after the half hour session at Conscious Life Festival feeling brand new. Can't thank you enough for your insights and kindness. My feet love you. Will be back!!

— Sarah Yip - 

“Thank you!! I am absolutely flying.”

I am so happy and so full of energy and so motivated yet still so assured and steady. Everything is falling it to place and I have honestly never felt better. I can’t thank Sand and Jonny enough - they are two incredible beings and beautiful souls! They have helped me see and shift a whole bunch of issues that have been holding me back and causing unhappiness/illness in my life. They are so supportive both during and outside of the sessions and are two of the most comforting and nurturing people I have met. Their presence alone is enough to make you feel amazing. 
Thank you Thank you Thankyou!!”

— Guy Hay

"Miracle worker, magician and lifesaver are just some of the ways I would explain Sand." 

I was already seeing a psychologist and doing a lot of self-help exercises and although I knew what I had to do and why I was feeling/acting this way something was blocking me from moving forward. After my first session with Sand something shifted, I was much more grounded and breathing into my stomach without any effort, I accepted myself and others for who they are and realised the true meaning of ‘What will be, will be’. Since then, I've worked a great deal more with Sand and I would recommend her to EVERYONE and ANYONE willing and wanting to find or regain their true happiness.

— Tara H. - Counselling Student

      "I felt inspired with clarity and practical steps to move forward towards my goals"

A big shoutout to beautiful Sand Mew -Reflexologist and Life coach/ Business Mentor from the Footprint Connection! I had my first ever mentoring session for my business with Sand yesterday and am so glad I built up the confidence to invest back into my business in that way. Leaving the session I felt inspired with clarity and practical steps to move forward towards my goals. Thank you so much and looking forward to our next session ✨💛✨ "

- Belinda Connelly - Lightfilled Children

“I met Sand 4 years ago while I still lived on the Sunshine Coast I remember meeting her at a health food shop and being amazed at the wealth of healing knowledge that she has. When you first meet Sand she has wise sparkly eyes which exude kindness and hint at the amazing gifts she has..she is a beautiful human being inside and out so...when Sand told me she was doing the spiral clearing process I jumped at the chance to work with her. Im currently in Brisbane but Sand worked out a great program with me where we would do half online and every second session in person including reflexology. I knew how great a reflexology massage by Sand is so this method worked well for me... Reflexology is so good!!! and Sand is a master at this too!
In saying that the online sessions were just as effective but having the reflexology for every second session was like the icing on the cake.
Before this spiral process I had been through a massive year with a loved one passing, a relationship break up, starting new job, and more...stress upon stress, I was just so depleted on every level, I had gained weight, I had lost confidence,  motivation, my passion for my energy healing and wellness business and my lust for life in general.

Even though initially I didn't have much energy to commit to much, I found myself really looking forward to each session and feeling light and energised afterward..its amazing how much 'stuff' we all have weighing us down..

The Spiral process was such a quick, effective way to clear the recent trauma plus so many years of emotional debris and clutter.

Before I saw Sand I would apologize a lot, say yes to things I didnt really want to do, was making some unhealthy food choices, video vibrating low, felt overwhelmed, anxious and had lost direction in life.

Suddenly some miracles started to occur..I started feeling more confident, knowing I deserved more and asking for what I want/need.. Plus saying No when I wanted to!

I couldn’t budge the 5 kilos I wanted to loose...now along with years of baggage it has gone..

I have a clearer sense of my purpose and what I want from life, I am eating healthier, motivated to excercise and feeling sexy and good about myself again. I have been able to manifest many great things into my life..like a new direction for my healing business and a job transfer to my favourite place in the world..all things I had given up on...and no more anxiety panic attacks!

So In a nutshell (Lol) the Spiral process was a life changing experience for me and I have continued to see benefits and possibilities..

I enjoyed it so much I will be learning it myself in a workshop with Sand. I would highly recommend Sand as your spiral practitioner as she is a very high vibrational being who can take you higher and really knows how to hold a safe loving space to get the maximum healing benefits for you..I am so blessed and and grateful for having met such a gifted healer to take me next level..Thanks Sand!!! 

Much Love


"Absolutely life changing stuff!!!" 

Sand has managed to help me work through all the stuff that was holding me back! I've been able to work with her to implement specific tools to really thrive, and to drill down on my physical health as well to overcome both known and unknown issues!!

I am finally able to see that with her guidance, I can dream BIG and create and make my life super wonderful and deserving. 

I also did Sand's two day reflexology course and have been able to really start to get a feel for not only treating myself (especially holding my points at the end of a long day), but also for treating my child and family - my 84 year old grandmother just loved the treatment!!

So many amazingly helpful blog posts and articles and free resources too!! Thanks Sand for your guidance and wisdom and knowledge!! Cannot recommend you highly enough to others!!"

— Kelly Burton - Good Harvest

“I felt safe, nurtured and understood with Sand”

Following my appointment with Sand, I felt relaxed and grounded; something I had not felt in a long time leading up to my appointment. In the days following my appointment I felt a shift in my being, as though blockages had been cleared and I could move forward with ease. I had never experienced reflexology and I am so happy that my first ever experience was so positive thanks to Sand. I felt safe, nurtured and understood with Sand and am so thankful for her guidance. Xx

— Kristee Barr


“One of the best presents I've ever received.”

I got given a visit to Sand as a birthday present and it has to be one of the best presents I have ever received. I had been through a lot in the past year dealing with two deaths and family issues and was totally depleted and unwell. I signed up for a set of sessions and did not regret it. She provided me with a safe space to talk about my issues and gave such sound advice on how to approach things that her words often guide me to this day. Her massage was soooooooo relaxing and her reflexology skills were incredibly accurate and both made such a difference to my health and wellbeing. I looked forward to my visits with her and went home in a totally rejuvenated state, she changed my way of thinking and I am a happier person for it. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

— Dionne


“Little did I know that seeing Sand would CHANGE MY LIFE.”

I had the most amazing session with Sand this week. I was just coming for some wholistic nurture at the tail end of a heavy cold, thinking I'd feel a bit more relaxed and it would help speed my recovery. Little did I know that it would CHANGE MY LIFE. The profound insight Sand shared as she worked on my feet was as if she was reading my soul. Her unique coaching approach was so subtle and gentle - it really felt as if I were speaking with an old friend, but a wise friend who sees you in ALL your exquisite truth and wonder and frailty at once, and deeply wishes for you to be more free. I walked away, not only with my body feeling a hundred times better, but my mind, heart and spirit soaring and so aligned from the clarity I gained. Sand has a rare gift and I for one am extremely grateful. I look forward to doing a great deal more empowerment work together. Thank you with all my heart

— Lara-Jane - Radiant Femme (Therapist)

“Sand is undoubtedly a gifted soul”

Meeting Sand came to me in the form of a birthday gift from my family.

I have been receiving reflexology around the world for over fifteen years thus consider myself as somewhat of an expert recipient. 

As a pilot doing long haul flights my need to de-stress and relax along with the many other positives I gain from reflexology is an integral part of my lifestyle.

Sand is undoubtedly a gifted soul,her ability to sense and read the body's energy was clear to me from my first visit.

— Rob Knowles - Pilot

“Sand has got a lot of wisdom to share”

Sand has got a lot of wisdom to share, open mind and open heart. She's got a great ability to listen while softly challenging my thought processes.”

— Faye - Mental Health Nurse


“A very informative session.”

Thank you for a very informative session. It was very easy to talk to you and you have so much knowledge and passion.

— Ditte - Health Food Store Manager



“Can't recommend Sand highly enough!!”

If you've ever wanted to learn about Reflexology and how to perform this technique on friends and family, I highly recommend booking into Sand's workshop! I did it a couple of years ago and I've seen Sand for treatments regularly.. I can't speak highly enough!! 

— Belinda - DoTerra agent

“The intention we set has certainly been met.”

Thank you for my amazing session. I had a good cry on the way home and that night I had a great sleep. The next day a good friend commented on how well I was looking - he described that I looked lighter.

The intention we set has certainly been met. I feel that I know what I need to do, how to do it and know that I can do it.

— Esther K. - Mother

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