Your Feet represent you in your entirety.

Not only your physical ailments, but also what you think and feel, where you've been and where you're going, 

your strengths, gifts and blockages are all written in your Feet.

Your Footprint tells the story of your pathway to step out of where you are, and step up to where you are meant to be!

Wondering what Session Type to choose?

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Sand holding foot and connecting with client

Are you after a Reflexology Session from an expert in her field? 

Do you want to be held in a safe & professional space, nurtured & boosted up again? 

Book in for a Premium Reflexology & Feet Reading Session that will boost your health & connect your spirit!


Premium Reflexology & Feet Reading Sessions are 3 in 1!

  • powerful bodywork 

  • intuitive readings 

  • professional mentoring 


Unwind, relax and recharge with a powerfully health boosting Reflexology treatment. Let me read your feet & body, as I can translate your physical signs & symptoms, so you can understand what your body is trying to tell you. Receive step by step advice on how to shift current situations or blocks in your life and leave the session recharged, clear and empowered.


What is reflexology?

According to the principles of Reflexology, a map of the entire body can be found on the feet, hand and ears. All organs, glands and body parts can be located as reflexes and treated. By stimulating these reflexes, the body is encouraged to heal itself and to regain balance. Therefore Reflexology is not only v e r y relaxing, but it also promotes health! Reflexology clears up deep-seated metabolic irregularities and malfunctions and it assists the body’s natural ability to heal itself. … and afterwards your entire body feels as if it just had a deeply relaxing full body massage!


however, my sessions go way deeper than a therapeutic massage of the feet!


I'm a super passionate Reflexology Specialist with 14 years of experience and a highly intuitive Reader.

I mainly practice this modality on the feet, but sometimes I also offer it on hands and ears. I use my own 100% natural Reflexology Lotion with high grade essential oils which is available here.


Gain clarity, connection, insight and direction

If you are interested, a Feet-Reading is integrated into all my Reflexology sessions. Feet have their own language, which gets expressed through characteristics such as the shape, mobility, skin texture, colour and temperature of the feet, and it provides a fascinating and beneficial insight into the working of the subconscious mind. Feet-Reading assists me in selecting the best approach to assisting you on your path to health and wellbeing.

You can read more about my story and The Footprint Connection here.  


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Supercharge the outcome of your 1.5hour Premium Reflexology and Feet Reading Session with a PreSession Questionnaire and audio recording of our time together (so you can spark up your memory at any given time after seeing me), as well as additional tools via follow up emails - You can have all of this within a Footprint Analysis Session for currently only $40 more!

It's an in depth The Footprint Connection Session (Reflexology, Feet Reading and Holistic Empowerment Coaching), supercharged to amplify the outcomes of your session to assist you to get super clear on your purpose, direction and a big step closer to living your full potential! 

You can enjoy all of the above within a Footprint Analysis Session for only $180 (usually $200)

Otherwise, your investment for a Premium Reflexology & Feet-Reading Session is as follows:

1.5hrs $150* (w.1st Visit discount only $140*) or 3-Session Packs only $420*

available at my home clinic in Mount Coolum

*Health Fund Rebates are available 

** Spread & share the love!
If you refer a friend, you'll save $20 on your next 1.5 hour Booking **


This link will guide you to my Booking / Contact Form where you can stipulate your preferred treatment type, duration and location

Would you prefer a shorter Session?

>>> Check out my 1 hour Adrenal Recharge Sessions at my home clinic in Mount Coolum



Of course, you can also continue with my more in depth and super-charged Transformation Packs and Mentorship Programs:

  • As part of my Transformation Packs, there is the option of working in conjunction with me and my husband, Jonny Mew of Axiom Healing who offers Holographic Kinetics. Holographic Kinetics clears deep-seated patterns at their root cause and locks in new patterns that ripple through time. Find out more about Session Packs with my husband Jonny here.
  • Alternatively, you can go in deeper with my 1:1 Mentorship Package or online group program Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers

If you're interested in learning more about Reflexology, join one of my popular Reflexology Workshops and empower yourself with the skills to practise the ancient modality of Reflexology on yourself and loved ones or as part of your already existing practice. 

What People Say

"Life changing!"

"Undoubtedly a gifted soul"

“I had the most amazing session with Sand this week. I was just coming for some wholistic nurture at the tail end of a heavy cold, thinking I’d feel a bit more relaxed and it would help speed my recovery. Little did I know that it would CHANGE MY LIFE. The profound insight Sand shared as she worked on my feet was as if she was reading my soul. Her unique coaching approach was so subtle and gentle - it really felt as if I were speaking with an old friend, but a wise friend who sees you in ALL your exquisite truth and wonder and frailty at once, and deeply wishes for you to be more free. I walked away, not only with my body feeling a hundred times better, but my mind, heart and spirit soaring and so aligned from the clarity I gained. Sand has a rare gift and I for one am extremely grateful. I look forward to doing a great deal more empowerment work together. Thank you with all my heart”

— Lara-Jane Stewart - Holistic Radiance

"Meeting Sand came to me in the form of a birthday gift from my family.
I have been receiving reflexology around the world for over fifteen years thus consider myself as somewhat of an expert recipient.
As a pilot doing long haul flights my need to de-stress and relax along with the many other positives I gain from reflexology is an integral part of my lifestyle.
Sand is undoubtedly a gifted soul,her ability to sense and read the body's energy was clear to me from my first visit."

- Rob Knowles, pilot

"Best Reflexologist ever!!"

- Helena, Massage Therapist

For more Testimonials and Reviews, see here or visit my Facebook Page here

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Sand walking

"The way we stand and walk on our feet
Reflects our inner being and emotions,
Just like slumped shoulders
And a low hanging head
Show that someone feels depressed"


Treat your Body, Mind and Spirit through Your Feet