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With every Footprint Analysis Session that you empower your own Body, Mind and Spirit with, you contribute to empowering women and their families in India with a Wello WaterWheel for life-giving water


The time, physical and health burdens of water collection trap families in a vicious cycle of poverty


Water is heavy - leading to spinal alignment issues and resulting health problems

Time is money - long hours spent with water fetching for the family leads to being late at school or work, or not being able to receive education or go to work at all

Prevention is possible - with the WelloWheels'  innovative design, all these problems can be prevented, resulting in empowered, healthy and happy families

Water is life.


Cynthia Koenig, New Yorker and innovator, created the Wello WaterWheel. The WaterWheel is a barrel outfitted with a handle. The Wheel allows a village’s water collector (traditionally women and children) to roll the barrel, which can hold up to 25 gallons of water, back to town. This method of collection is less tiresome on the water collector’s body, and cuts down on water retrieval time.

“The WaterWheel is beneficial on so many levels; reducing the drudgery of water collection for women, providing irrigation for household vegetable gardens, and enabling people to use their time more productively."

Madhukar Dhas, Director, Dilasa Sanstha

waterwheel 2.jpg

The Footprint Connection donates a small percentage per Footprint Analysis Session and Transformation Packs to Wello, which enables Wello to deliver WaterWheels, cover their operational costs and continue to bring innovative products to life. 

$50 enables Wello to send a WaterWheel to a family

$250 enables them to send 5 WaterWheels to 5 families



  • have a familiar shape which maintains cultural relevance
  • are affordable
  • are easy to use (pouring and cleaning) due to a wide mouth opening and unique cap-in-cap design, keeping the water clean 
  • reduce physical strain due to a simple design with handle control and reinforced axles 
  • avoid spinal damages from carrying heavy water loads
  • save lots of time, as they have a capacity of 45 litres which is 2-5x more efficient than head loading (twice as much more water in half the time)  - enabling young women to get educated and go to work who would otherwise spend 25% of their time fetching water (


If you feel like donating directly to Wello, please follow this link here (it will open in a new window).


"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world"
Desmond Tutu