Free Yourself. Clear Your Shit Workshops 

Ultimate Self-Empowerment for Conscious Individuals, Parents and Business Owners

As parent, business owner, empath, sensitive person, conscious being, .. you name it - we ALL experience triggers. 

Often we try to hide them, especially in front of the outside world, because we don't want to be judged. However, INSIDE we might feel very off centre. Angry, frustrated, anxious, stressed, unsettled,...

Or we might find that we ‘take on stuff’, as we spend time with groups, run workshops, have a bigger clientele or hang out in crowds.

Here is an opportunity to invest 5.5 hours of your time to change your life:

There is nothing wrong with getting triggered, not feeling 'all happy and shiny'. 
There is nothing wrong with having ‘bad’ days or moments.
They are all just emotions on the scale of every humans’ existence. 


And with self clearing tools and the skills and understanding that I’ve gained over the past 15 years as a practitioner, mentor, as mum, with Clear Your Shit (by Dane Tomas) and on my recent Spiral Practitioner Training, I feel well equipped to shifting stuff as it comes up in an instant. 

The clearing is not meant to ‘clear’ emotions from experiencing them, but more so to look at them, acknowledge them and learn from them. To take the charge out of our experiences, desires and shadow aspects that we usually rather push away and run away from. 

With these tools, these feelings can give us a deep insight to what is really going on and playing out, and then shift our state from there super fast and easily - which is ultimately creating inner freedom and empowerment, but also success, as you don’t get into your own way anymore.

Would you like to learn how to do this for yourself, your family (yes kids respond super fast!!) and your entrepreneurial journey too, so you can shift any triggers as they arise and move forward with greater self respect, clarity and self confidence?

Then come and join my upcoming Workshop ‘FREE YOURSELF. CLEAR YOUR SHIT’ on Sat 3rd November 9.30am - 3pm

Venue: Eden Resort, just past Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast.

What you'll learn:

* Tools to clear your shit - Fast, powerfully and effectively (meaning, how you can change feeling stress, anxiety, a weird off feeling, anger, frustration name it.. into neutrality in a matter of a few seconds or minutes)

* How to hold your Space as an empath or energetically highly aware person

* Feeling and experiencing your own energy, how it affects yourself and others, and how to change it in an instance. 

* How to get out of our own way, kick self sabotage in the butt and move forward with more clarity and confidence.


clear your shit workshop participants.jpg
 Note: This Workshop is based on Dane Tomas’  Clear Your Shit  Book/eCourse

Note: This Workshop is based on Dane Tomas’ Clear Your Shit Book/eCourse

clear your shit workshop.jpg

Some of the feedback from our last Workshop included:

Wow, what a very thorough, enjoyable and in depth introduction to ‘clearing your shit’!
Sand presented with an obvious depth of knowledge and understanding. It was a very worthwhile experience.
I’m taking home some fantastic tools for addressing my triggers and keeping me on track with myself - simple and profound emotional self care tools.
I loved all aspects of the day and thoroughly enjoyed it! 
Thank you for the opportunity to experience hands on the tools for clear your shit with your wonderful high energy facilitation, guidance and depth of knowledge 😃 xxx

- Michela d'Addario

“Thanks Sand! You rock! 
What a great workshop with lots of good information! I loved the handouts and explanations from you! 
I’m taking home new knowledge of how to clear emotions and empowerment! 
I especially loved working in pairs, the group work and the group clearing you did at the beginning. I loved all of it!!”

- Bonnie Fay

“Sand is a wealth of knowledge and delivers information with clarity, humour and passion! Would definitely do more workshops, I’m keen to learn more!! Xxx”

“A very useful and practical skills workshop that can be used by anyone in any situation. It should be taught to everyone!”
- Naomi

Are you interested? 

It's only $120 (and if you're a health practitioner, you'll most likely be able to claim CPE points)

To ensure maximum quality of learning experience, classes are strictly limited in numbers, so please make a booking as soon as you've decided.

I can’t wait to share these extremely empowering tools with you!

xxx Sand


Spots are filling up fast.

Secure your spot for this informative, fun and super empowering workshop (the last one of it’s kind in 2018) now!