Are you ready to let go of the resistance

you are feeling towards what you'd actually really like to do?


Have you been finding yourself in the cupboard, eating stuff that's not good for you, even though you want to loose weight?

Or have you been dreaming of being or doing stuff, but keep finding yourself at the end of the year still not having done what it takes to get there? 
You repeat stories in your head, keep yourself busy or 'not clear enough', you listen to the self doubt within, though you know deep down it's all possible!

Are you ready to get to the bottom of these stories?

Are you ready to live the life you're dreaming of and move beyond the limitations that keep coming up??


Then join my 7-day Stop Holding Yourself Back Challenge and become super aware of your dreams, and the stories you've been weaving to keep you away from them, and shift them. So you can be free to live your dreams and do what you came here to do for.


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stop holding yourself back challenge



  • Experience a new way of looking at self sabotage, that will help you deal with it, rather than run away from it.


  • Get clear on what you want and why it might not be happening just yet.


  • Discover your resistance, self beliefs and self sabotage patterns that have been holding you back (hint: you might just feel very tired and exhausted. That can be a form of resistance too.)


  • Create a strategy that's tailored uniquely to you which will help you prevent them or deal with them, so you can finally live your reams and do what you're here for. (energised and happily!)




  • You will be receiving one email a day with a link to a video (between 6 and 11min long) in which I explain what the Day's challenge is all about and why it will make a huge difference to conquer it!


  • In each email, you'll also receive a downloadable Worksheet for the day, which you can print and scribble all over (don't worry, I know you're busy, so it will be short and sweet. Allow yourself roughly 10-20min each day to fill them in. 


  • There is an exclusive Facebook group for the sole purpose of supporting each other through this challenge, to share your aha-moments and breakthroughs (this is invaluable!)



"Woo hoo I have a plan! 

Awesome course Sand Mew Thanks so much and thank you so much to everyone who shared. Your openness, honesty and vulnerability has been so touching and inspiring. Much love to you all. XXX" - Heidi


"Thank you so much Sand Mew for your beautiful day 7 video. Feel so much closer to being free and the freedom to dream again is amazing!!!" - Arica


"Thank you so much Sand, it was such a blessing to stop and give myself time to reflect and question. I am finding myself noticing more. And stopping some of my limiting thoughts before they override what I am doing. Thanks for creating such a positive and valuable learning space. xx" - Flick


"Thank you Sand! This week has been full of distractions, delightful surprises, sick kids and lots of running from one thing to the next... it's probably quite an average week in my life - yet the insights and reminders that have come from your programme have been such a magical and transformational addition!! I had meant to do the daily facebook posts and have found myself 'beating myself up' for not getting to it and being too busy - however I must trust the flow and honour myself and the process. 

So much gratitude to you Sand Mew for being an inspiration and following your heart and foot prints and creating this very simple and amazingly powerful 7 day challenge!" - Carly

"Thank you so much Sand for a wonderful course. Lovely to have a plan at the end, great to recognise triggers and sabotage patterns and be able to follow the check list and steps to move through when certain emotions come up.

Here's to putting it all into practice! :) " - Moya


"Thanks to you Sand for offering us this 7 day challenge. I appreciate the inspiration, the courage & the dedication you put into creating this & I believe it's been really helpful for all of us. It's always good to sit & contemplate & write out things as you've suggested we do over the last few days. I'm glad I joined in.

Thanks again beautiful woman.

And to everyone else in this group keep up the good work. :)" - Heather

"I have done the previous challenge. It took me 20 days to accomplish and understand everything. Being truly honest to myself, was the hardest part. It was a tremendous experience which was guided excellent. Where i stand now? Bought an apartment with my beloved one , found the trust and confidence in me and in our relationship. Didn't allow my post traumatic experiences to ruin what i have. About the change my soul breaking job. Start to write and produce new melodies, new songs. Everything which i could not do in last years, i found the inner-motivation to do it. Well there are no miracles but a very good guide to find your own miracles. Just do it and be honest to yourself! Thanks again Sand and good luck beautiful folks and already congratulations! Lots of love!" - Orkun 

Sand Mew

I'm truly honoured and very excited to be sharing these 7 life-changing days with you!


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See you in the Challenge!