You're craving clarity and purpose in your life and business.

  • You've either had a Footprint Analysis Session with me and are wondering about your next steps,
  • you've never worked with me before, but you'd like to get super crystal clear on your purpose and path,
  • or you've been in business for some time already, wanting to step it up.


Either way, you're craving more purpose and more clarity around what steps to take from here.


You know what you want, but it all feels very vague still and you're wondering if you can really do it


You're looking for intuitive, knowledgable and deeply understanding support of someone WHO GETS IT.


And I can assure you, I do! It's taken me many years to truly discover and clarify my purpose and message that I'm here to share with the World. Then learning what steps to take, how to create a strategy and work through the layers that come up when you pursue your purpose - it's all been a massive journey!

I've done tons of online courses and mentorship programs over the past few years and and I'm glad to say it doesn't have to be that complicated at all! On the contrary, there is a simple chain of steps and processes to go through, to get you..

  • crystal clear on your purpose, message and vision

  • to hone in on your avatar, ideal client and tribe, so that your ideal clients get attracted to you 

  • to know how to package up your services, so you can communicate them well

  • to combat self doubt, self sabotage and inner limitations on the way

  • to be equipped with a strategy that helps you focus and gets you straight to your dreams


I've since guided many practitioners, coaches and change makers through this process. Would you like to be next?

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Over a series of 4 x 1.5 hour face to face or Zoom Sessions, we will work through a step by step process, so you...

  1. are crystal clear on your message and purpose

  2. know exactly how you want your life to look like

  3. take the right steps to get you to live your ideal life and business 

  4. communicate your message clearly, so your ideal clients get magnetised to you

  5. have a clear set of offers that support your vision of where you want to be

  6. know exactly what type of resistance might face you and how to overcome it


We will work through any blockages that are coming up for you during this process and you'll be equipped with lots of insight and mindset shifts that are needed, so you can move forward in an energised, focused and empowered way. 


What's included?

  • 5 comprehensive Modules (out of my 11-week program Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers online group program), that will be sent out to you one by one between our sessions. It is recommended to keep the sessions fairly close together, to ensure maximum results, however, this mentoring package is designed to fit into your life and around your needs. Therefore you'll only be sent what you can deal with, rather than rushing you through any content. 

  • All Modules come with comprehensive manuals, worksheets, discovery sheets, pretty summary posters and audios of all the entire Modules. They all come with a link to a summary video too which will introduce you to each of the topics.
  • 4x 1.5 hour Sessions with me 1:1 either via zoom (online) or face to face at my home clinic at Mount Coolum to go deeper into the modules together and answer any questions you might have

The investment?

currently only $997 (usually $1249)

Business Mentoring Invoices are tax deductible.


Payment Plans available:

Payment Plan Option 1:

11 weekly payments x $100 = $1,100 

Payment Plan Option 2:

3 fortnightly payments x $350 = $1,050

Yes, I'm in

One single payment of $997


This package can then be followed up with single sessions (see Clarity Magnification Sessions) if so desired, to work through any additional questions. 

"Sand Mew, your course is AMAZING! 

The clarity I have now about myself and by business is totally amazing and so freeing too!

Before I started the course, I loved my job, but I couldn't make money out of it to support my family. I was so excited even before finishing the course about the clarity in all aspects of my business! Where the feeling of been stuck came from, where I was, where I supposed to be, what really matters to me, where and why I was struggling. I have a clear vision about who I am and what I do, and a strategic plan to get me to the very top of what I want to do. I am so excited about my business and I can see it thriving already! Thank you!""

- Maja Szumylo - Emotional Photography


"Before working with Sand, I felt totally overwhelmed and stuck. 

I kept holding myself back from realising my dream of working with kids, due to old baggage. Over a series of 7 Sessions, we not only cleared all those old blockages, but also got crystal clear on what I actually want. We mapped out a strategy, defined my ideal client and refined a way for me to communicate who I am and what I do, so I can actually be me and attract those people to me who I like working with.Sand also helped me design my business cards and put together my website, which I'm really grateful for. I didn't have to worry about all the technological blocks anymore that kept popping up everywhere - I could finally keep flowing - unhindered!! I'm so grateful and happy and can highly recommend Sand's services!"

— Kate


"I felt inspired with clarity and practical steps to move forward towards my goals"

A big shoutout to beautiful Sand Mew -Reflexologist and Life coach/ Business Mentor from the Footprint Connection! I had my first ever mentoring session for my business with Sand yesterday and am so glad I built up the confidence to invest back into my business in that way. Leaving the session I felt inspired with clarity and practical steps to move forward towards my goals. Thank you so much and looking forward to our next session ✨💛✨ "
- Belinda Connelly - Lightfilled Children

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This Mentoring Package is perfect, if you're ready to leave brain fog, overwhelm and exhaustion behind and are keen to step it up, so you can contribute your unique gift - and finally make that difference on this planet that you have been dreaming of!

Yes, let's work together!  (at one single payment of $997 - or payment plans, see above)



Schedule a free 15min Chat with me now - I promise, it's totally relaxed! I'm looking forward to connecting with you! :)

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