The Footprint Connection Certification Program


'The Footprint Connection Reflexology' is my specialised Reflexology, Feet Reading, Clearing, Coaching and Mentoring modality and will launch as a 10-day immersion training from Fri 17th May until Sun 26th May 2019 at the Sunshine Coast

(Accommodation will be available for those from further afar and those who would like to stay on site).

After this in depth immersion training, you have the option to complete case studies and an online assessment, in order to become qualified, get insurance and start your own practice!


Become certified in my signature modality The Footprint Connection

so you can:

  • Learn the indepth Art of Feet- & Body Reading
  • Become a Reflexology expert (which are very hard to find!!)
  • Deepen your understanding of the Body, Mind & Spirit connection
  • Learn how to travel through the body's anatomy and do your healing work from inside out, connecting body, mind and spirit
  • Learn to FEEL psychosomatic connections and clear blockages through the feet to free your clients of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual blockages, so they can unlock their full potential and take their next steps forward to fully expressing themselves
  • Learn how to hold your space as an empathetic practitioner for the greatest impact of your work, and for yourself too, so you can make sure you won't end up exhausted at the end of big client days, but feel energised instead
  • Offer clarity, transformation & life direction via Footprint Analysis to your clients too
  • Learn how to coach and guide people to their next most aligned steps on their unique path
  • Use my signature modality to amplify your work's results tremendously


.. all whilst crystallising your own soul purpose, your message and how to set up your own business successfully, so you can powerfully step right into a business that will not only support you to pay your bills, but further more that supports you in making your dreams happen and contributes to a greater shift in the world!!

Partaking in one of my 2-day Reflexology Workshop Weekends is a Prerequisite for this exquisite Certification Program. Find out more about these fun, deeply immersing, nourishing and relaxing weekends here.


Book in for a complementary Discovery Call with me now or start your application process here now by filling in a contact form to find out more: