Are you ready to step it up??

Are you keen for the next level

... but despite all the previous work you've done on yourself, there is still this niggling doubt, sabotage or other limitation that keeps creeping in, and that's holding you back.


Have you had enough of holding yourself back and limiting yourself in any shape or form?

Are you craving to live FULLY aligned, in your power and on purpose??

With clarity and direction, so you can go for your dreams

and make the positive impact you are here for?



Are you ready to fully face your stuff?

Then join me on my 8-week Ultimate Breakthrough Journey/ The Spiral™ (8x 1:1 Sessions with additional support)!

What is The Spiral™???


The Spiral™ is extremely unique and important.

The Spiral™ is a process created (or discovered) by Dane Thomas in 2012 that permanently raises a person’s level of consciousness and vibration by shedding a vast amount of their personal baggage and emotional wounding.


The Result? 



  • Shift ANY negative emotional block in SECONDS.

  • Learn how to clear blocks in any area of life, whenever stuff comes up (as life doesn't stop, but the way you respond does!).

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how beliefs and mental frameworks shape your reality.

  • Learn how to change your vibrational state at will.



  • So you can love yourself and attract the relationships you want.

  • So you can become a more present, more loving and more powerful human being overall.

  • Raise the consciousness and vibration of your family, friends and clients.

  • Clear the blocks that impact your relationships with other people.



  • So you can live a more meaningful and fulfilled live.

  • Shed blocks around wealth & worth and step into true financial abundance.

  • Attract clients easily by becoming more empowered to serve others and create changes.

  • Shed any trauma or dysfunctional conditioning you're still carrying so that you can genuinely step into your full leadership and AUTHENTICITY.


  • So you can heal your relationship to wealth, worth and money and generate the sort of income and impact (!) you deserve.


The end result is that people are more freely able to move through the world.

They no longer get so easily triggered by interpersonal dynamics, or by key issues like wealth, self worth, expression, sexuality and visibility.


In a nutshell, the Spiral™ gets you out of your own way so you can rock at life without having to try so hard.


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In a recent post, Dane wrote:

“What i see whenever i'm in an environment where there are lots of triggers is that those who've been through Spiral are able to navigate that environment with SO MUCH more ease.

It’s painful for me when i see people looping around and around in trauma or trigger that is unresolved after YEARS because i know it can actually be shed in MINUTES.

And not in some NLP-HYPNO mental reprogramming kinda way

(which can be very surface and not always permanent)

It can be released FROM THE BODY once and for all.”


Dane will be teaching his last Spiral practitioner training in its current format in July (which I’ll be part of and certified at), before he'll hand the teaching role over to his lead teachers to take over.

It will be the 7th one of these trainings that he’s done and they are extremely potent.

I’m so excited to be able to offer this work to the world (available from anywhere, as long as you have a laptop, so we can meet on zoom video calls or FaceTime)!!!

What exactly is involved?


The Spiral™ process with me consists of 8 weekly, roughly 1 hour sessions (face to face at the Sunshine Coast or online on video Zoom call from anywhere in the World). Every week, we focus on the three main emotions linked to each chakra, starting with the Root Chakra and journeying up to the Crown Chakra. The 7 week deeply transformative journey through the chakras then gets wrapped up with one final one in which we focus on your steps forward, beyond the journey, towards your goals and vision!

The process itself involves a clearing process that, in a nutshell, blends Kinesiology muscle testing, with NLP, the Ladder of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics plus more. It is extremely profound - and super fast!! 

When I first came across it in early 2017, I was blown away by the speed, subtleness and extreme EFFECTIVENESS of the process and the results and empowerment it brings. It's combined and brought together many of my previous trainings, which is why it has instantly become an integral part of my work.

It's certainly changed the way I treat with my modality The Footprint Connection Reflexology and work with my Mentoring and Coaching Sessions forever, as it has made both of them complete and extremely potent! The results I've been getting are just mind blowing to say the least!

Going through the Spiral process with another practitioner earlier this year has been extremely profound on my own journey and has helped me to step up in ways I've never been able to before - in life and business alike. It permanently changed my frequency! And whenever triggers come up (such is life!), I'm able to quickly clear it, resulting in things shifting within minutes, rather than weeks or months!! 

It's extremely empowering and I love it so much, that I decided to further my training and participate in The Spiral Practitioner Training in July. I can't wait to be able to call myself a fully qualified and official Spiral Practitioner! 

Benefit from the most cutting edge behavioural change and healing tools available anywhere on planet earth right now, and join me on the Spiral Journey over a period of 8 weeks!

Working with me, you've got 2 Options to choose from: 


You can choose between my The Footprint Connection Reflexology - Spiral - Ultimate Breakthrough Journey OR The Spiral (straight up) online:


What's the difference?

1) The Footprint Connection Reflexology - The Spiral       8-wk Ultimate Breakthrough Journey:


2) 8-wk The Spiral Clearing Process:

Sand excitedly connecting with client's feet
  • Face to Face

  • at the Sunshine Coast only

  • 8x 1.5 hours Session

  • incl The Footprint Connection Reflexology component to integrate, and get further insight and support as you go

  • incl supporting material and access to official Spiral FB group


The Investment?

Currently you can still get in on special for only $2,000

After that, this will go up to $2,200 

Payment Plans available.

Sand laughing at laptop
  • (Face to Face OR) online via Zoom video call

  • from anywhere in the World

  • 8x roughly 1 hour Session

  • incl supporting material and access to official Spiral FB group



The Investment?

Currently you can still get in on special for only $1,600 !!

After that, this will go up to $1,800

Payment Plans available.


No matter which of the two Options you'd like to go for,

you and I will be working on the  following 4 Pillars:


1) Inner Harmony / Alignment

We clear the emotional blockages, beliefs and stories that are causing you physical symptoms, fears, doubts and blockages that are ultimately disconnecting you from your deep power within. 

Once reconnected, you feel empowered, supported and on track, full of energy, clarity and confidence.


2) Purpose

We connect you with your unique footprint on planet earth. This takes into account your entire cocktail of experiences: from challenges that you’ve faced, worked through and overcome, natural gifts and strengths, as well as skills and qualifications, to passions that you’ve explored in your lifetime.  


3) Empowerment / Breakthrough

Fusing Spirit with Strategy, we empower you with the right mindset, tools, techniques and steps to overcome those challenges, beliefs and sabotage patterns that have been holding you back from living your full potential. 

You are an extremely powerful being that can create anything, once you’re (re)connected with your inner power and clarity.

Let’s work on this together, so you can unlock your full potential, shine your light, go for your dreams and make the positive impact you’ve come here to do for! 


4) Abundance

By being and walking fully in your power, with purpose, strategy and the right mindset, you’re unlocking your full potential to shine your light. 

You’re able to freely share your message and be heard. 

You’re able to go for (and live!) your dreams. 

You attract amazingness into your life.

You’re able to make the money that not only you dream of and deserve, but also the World - as you can only give back and contribute noticeably, when you have enough/plentiful to give (and are not turning into a martyrer by burning out along the way instead!). 


This results in you being able to make the positive impact in the World that creates a powerful ripple effect for positive Change! 


What others have said

“My name is Ty Nelson, and I just finished the Spiral Journey with Sand Mew last night -- it was amazing!!!

I knew there was going to be some deep work and that it would be transformative...but sitting on the other side of it right now, two months later, I am blown away at how light I feel, how amazing I feel, the hope I have, and the vision I have for what I want to do and how I am going to do it.

Working with Sand was amazing, she was so caring and intuitive!  And it was an awesome connection, even though it was thousands of miles away, and only on the computer.

Super grateful and can’t wait for what’s next! Thank you!”

- Ty Nelson, Salt Lake City

“I met Sand 4 years ago while I still lived on the Sunshine Coast I remember meeting her at a health food shop and being amazed at the wealth of healing knowledge that she has. When you first meet Sand she has wise sparkly eyes which exude kindness and hint at the amazing gifts she has..she is a beautiful human being inside and out so...when Sand told me she was doing the spiral clearing process I jumped at the chance to work with her. Im currently in Brisbane but Sand worked out a great program with me where we would do half online and every second session in person including reflexology. I knew how great a reflexology massage by Sand is so this method worked well for me... Reflexology is so good!!! and Sand is a master at this too!
In saying that the online sessions were just as effective but having the reflexology for every second session was like the icing on the cake.
Before this spiral process I had been through a massive year with a loved one passing, a relationship break up, starting new job, and more...stress upon stress, I was just so depleted on every level, I had gained weight, I had lost confidence,  motivation, my passion for my energy healing and wellness business and my lust for life in general.

Even though initially I didn't have much energy to commit to much, I found myself really looking forward to each session and feeling light and energised afterward..its amazing how much 'stuff' we all have weighing us down..

The Spiral process was such a quick, effective way to clear the recent trauma plus so many years of emotional debris and clutter.

Before I saw Sand I would apologize a lot, say yes to things I didnt really want to do, was making some unhealthy food choices, video vibrating low, felt overwhelmed, anxious and had lost direction in life.

Suddenly some miracles started to occur..I started feeling more confident, knowing I deserved more and asking for what I want/need.. Plus saying No when I wanted to!

I couldn’t budge the 5 kilos I wanted to along with years of baggage it has gone..

I have a clearer sense of my purpose and what I want from life, I am eating healthier, motivated to excercise and feeling sexy and good about myself again. I have been able to manifest many great things into my a new direction for my healing business and a job transfer to my favourite place in the world..all things I had given up on...and no more anxiety panic attacks!

So In a nutshell (Lol) the Spiral process was a life changing experience for me and I have continued to see benefits and possibilities..

I enjoyed it so much I will be learning aspects of it myself in a workshop with Sand. I would highly recommend Sand as your Spiral practitioner as she is a very high vibrational being who can take you higher and really knows how to hold a safe loving space to get the maximum healing benefits for you..I am so blessed and and grateful for having met such a gifted healer to take me next level..Thanks Sand!!! 

Much Love

Ebony”’, Brisbane

“I decided to do the Spiral work with Sand because I value her passion and knowledge and knew I'd be in safe hands to explore some dark corners of my consciousness while peeling back some layers of hurt I'd been avoiding processing.

We've just completed level 7 and I feel like I'm stepping into the light of my personal and professional life with clarity, lightness and a whole lot less suffering and getting more of what I desire.
I'm so glad I set this time for myself with Sand to be gentle, loving and kind to myself again to dream massive dreams! Xx”

- Dani, Thai Massage, Caloundra

“I have known Sand for about 2 years now and seeing her new skills/teaching grabbed my attention. The technique and the outcome of Spiral completely aligned with me and I knew she would do it great justice!

Starting the spiral was a very exciting moment for me! I was suffering from lots of deep emotional issues and holding onto lots of unwanted fears and matters. I could not see clearly what I wanted and where I wanted to be.

Throughout the 8 sessions it felt like being on an emotional rollercoaster, but at the same time it revealed all my strengths and weaknesses, teaching me how to handle them, letting me know it is ok to be me and be proud of it all.
All these matters were blocking me emotionally and physically and I would not have been able to free myself of them completely without this process!

Of course the system is a system and not much use without a great teacher, but Sand is an exceptionally caring, compassionate and loving person who has the best interest for everyone in her heart! Her guidance and advice over the sessions were priceless, focusing on the best individual outcome!

Thank you Sand!”

- Eniko McIntosh, Sunshine Coast

“Doing the Spiral process with Sand has been a wild ride through the terrain of the inner self. It has shifted my perceptions and attitudes in ways that are still unfolding.
It’s almost hard to remember what I was like before as the change is so integrated that it just feels normal to be in this new state of being. But when I look at my life and see the way I have been operating I can see how my old ways were so limiting.
Since completing the process there are all these things in my life that are simply no longer acceptable to me and I find that I am constantly having to let go, change or recalibrate my life in order to honour myself, my boundaries and my inner most desires, so that I am able to live in a state of absolute alignment with my truth and joy.
I'm so greatful to Sand for holding such a gentle, present and potent space for this incredible journey to unfold and for being a shining example of someone living their truth.
Much love and gratitude for the amazing journey XXX “

- Heidi Merika, The Community Herb School, Apothecary & Naturopathy, Eumundi

Are you ready for this journey together?

Then apply here now!

Given the nature of this work, my 8-wk The Ultimate Breakthrough Journey/ The Spiral™ is only for those, who are really ready to face their stuff, who have extensively worked on themselves already and know how to take responsibility for their own experiences.

It's only for those, who have already done lots of work on themselves, but who are finding that there is still stuff holding them back or keeping them limited, stuck or not fully unleashing their full potential.

If you are thinking "That's me! I'm so so ready to thrive and step out there!!", then book in for a complimentary discovery call now to see where you’re at and if we are a good fit! 

Sand Mew looking at client


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